A Message to Our Viewers and Supporters

March 30, 2011 10:10 PM

We would like to respond to the erroneous information being circulated about KCET. Here is the truth: KCET is NOT being sold.  We are firmly committed to being Southern California's independent public TV station.

We ARE looking for a new production facility that will allow us to not only produce award-winning shows but to expand our digital footprint across multiple media platforms.  As part of the process, we have entered into a real estate transaction to sell our current studio lot.  Funds from this sale will be used to convert KCET into a contemporary TV station by investing in a new location, equipment and productions.  As part of this transaction, there are confidentiality provisions that limit what we can further say.


Frequently Asked Questions: KCET and Your Cable Box


Statement Regarding the Preservation of KCET Lot as a Historic Landmark