A Year-End Message from Al Jerome

Al JeromeAs 2010 comes to a close, I would like to thank you for your loyal support for KCET -- your local public television station. All of us at KCET are looking ahead to a new and exciting future for all of the communities we serve throughout Southern California, as we undergo some big changes that will make KCET the largest independent public television in the country beginning January 2011.

While some things are definitely changing, one thing will remain the same: KCET is still your non-profit, commercial-free public television service. We are here to serve you with programs representing arts and culture, science, entertainment, news, medicine and health, education and much more.

KCET has not forgotten the vision that began nearly 50 years ago to create an alternative to commercial broadcasting that provides quality meaningful content while focusing on our local interest and needs.

Through broadcast and the Internet, KCET will bring you some of our region's world-class talent, from artists and writers, to thinkers, actors, producers, musicians and performers. We're forming new partnerships with local public service organizations that share our mission vision and values. KCET will be an advocate to protect and promote the welfare of the community we serve.

Our schedule of programs for January is just the beginning. Over the next year, we will continue to roll out new content and programming initiatives that will inform, educate and inspire. You are an important part of KCET's future and we need you to continue your vital support to help us take the next steps to create a new paradigm for local public media.

Our aspirations are high, and we take our responsibility as a public media voice very seriously. I look forward to you being there with us as we chart a new course for the future of KCET and public media.

With best wishes for a healthy and prosperous 2011,

Al Jerome
President & CEO


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