Frequently Asked Questions: KCET and Your Cable Box

KCET understands the frustration that results from any disruption or change in your cable service. There was a brief technical problem with Time Warner Cable earlier this year, but that issue has been resolved.

That said, KCET has elected to give up its analog position on most cable boxes in order to be able to provide expanded programming choices on KCET's three digital stations: Vme, Kids and Family, and MHvnetworks. (Please read this guide for more information on these digital channels). All broadcasters will transition off of analog in the next year or so and our decision is in anticipation of this change.

As a result, KCET is no longer available as part of basic cable service on Time Warner Cable, Charter and Cox. While the vast majority of cable subscribers are able to access KCET via their digital service, those without a digital cable box or a DTV converter box may want to consider upgrading to a basic digital cable package. In addition to cable, there are other options for receiving KCET, including satellite and traditional, free over-the-air transmission.

We are sorry if we have inconvenienced you in any way as KCET makes the transition to digital service.

For more detailed info, please visit our FAQs here.


Frequently Asked Questions: About the New KCET


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I wish you would convince Bright House in Bakersfield to carry KCET in HD and to carry the subchannels. Over the air reception of low power channel 46 is difficult and has ferequent pixellation and audio dropouts.

Why don't stations mention that it is possible to receive local stations via cable without having to upgrade to "digital cable service" and use a box? If your tv has a clear QAM digital tuner, it will receive unscrambled digital cable channels. The FCC requires all digital cable feeds of local stations to be left in the clear. Are stations afraid of the cable companies, since cable companies hate clear QAM and effectively view it as legalized piracy?