Statement Regarding the Preservation of KCET Lot as a Historic Landmark

In 1978, the cultural heritage board of the city of Los Angeles unanimously declared portions of the KCET lot site as historic cultural monument #198. This is the only such designation that's been given to the property.

That designation included the two large sound stages, the "Little Theatre" and the old brick buildings and offices connected to and adjacent to those studios. The bricks in question were not installed until 20 years later and have never been part of any historic designation.

As the seller--as in any real estate transaction--we are removing all signage that belongs to KCET and we will pay tribute to all of those whose generosity had been acknowledged on our studio property at our new location.

In doing so, we are also making every effort to preserve the integrity of the historic landmark the studio lot represents.


A Message to Our Viewers and Supporters


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