KCETLink EEO Policy

Section 396(k)(11) of the Communications Act of 1934, 47 U.S.C. 396, et. seq., as amended, ("Act") provides that:

"(A) Funds may not be distributed pursuant to this subsection for any fiscal year to the licensee or permittee of any public broadcast station if such licensee or permittee--

"(i) fails to certify to the Corporation that such licensee or permittee complies with the Commission's regulations concerning equal employment opportunity as published under section 73.2080 of title 47, Code of Federal Regulations, or any successor regulations thereto; or

"(ii) fails to submit to the Corporation the report required by subparagraph (B) for the preceding calendar year.

"(B) A licensee or permittee of any public broadcast station with more than five full time employees is required to file annually with the Corporation a statistical report, consistent with reports required by Commission regulation, identifying by race and sex the number of employees in each of the following full-time and part-time job categories:

"(i) Officials and managers.

"(ii) Professionals.

"(iii) Technicians.

"(iv) Semiskilled operatives.

"(v) Skilled craft persons.

"(vi) Clerical and office personnel.

"(vii) Unskilled operatives.

"(viii) Service workers.

"(C) In addition, such report shall state the number of job openings occurring during the course of the year. Where the job openings were filled in accordance with the regulations described in subparagraph (A)(i), the report shall so certify, and where the job openings were not filled in accordance with such regulations, the report shall contain a statement providing reasons for noncompliance. The statistical report shall be available to the public at the central office and at every location where more than five full-time employees are regularly assigned to work."

Pursuant to Section 396(k)(11) of the Act, all licensees and permittees of public broadcasting stations that receive federally appropriated funds from CPB must certify to CPB that they comply with the above-referenced FCC regulations concerning equal employment opportunity.

KCETLink posts the following on its website at http://www.kcet.org/about/humanresources/: (i) the statistical information with respect to the categories set forth above in Section 396(k)(11) (B), and (ii) the number of job openings occurring during the course of the year and outreach initiatives KCETLink has pursued. For those members of the public unable or unwilling to use the Internet to access this information, all of said information posted at http://www.kcet.org/about/fcc-eeo-annual-reports shall be available for either : (i) viewing at a computer terminal located in KCETLink's Human Resources department, or (ii) subject to advance cash payment, requesting photocopies of said documentation. Photocopies may be obtained by: (i) writing to: KCETLink Legal Department, 2900 West Alameda Ave., Burbank, CA 91505; (ii) calling KCETLink Member and Viewer Services at (747) 201-5238 ; or (iii) coming in person to the station and asking for the General Counsel. The cost for copying documents shall be the current market price for photocopying. Copies may be picked up at KCETLink during normal business hours or, if requested, will be mailed to the requestor within seven (7) business days of the request.