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Burbank, CA - July 2, 2012 - KCET, public media for Southern and Central California, invites viewers to get an inside look at the grandeur of some of Great Britain's most prized constructions: Buckingham Palace, Windsor Castle, and Holyrood House, in a special presentation of The Queen's Palaces, which will air every Wednesday at 9 p.m. beginning July 18.

The Queen's Palaces showcases the art and design, the interior decoration, and the treasures stored inside these majestic structures and reveals the surprising and fascinating tales behind them. British journalist Fiona Bruce takes viewers on a tour around the rooms and corridors while sharing the history behind the palace's conception and creation. Capturing the colorful stories of works of art and fine objects, she interweaves every episode to illustrate the relation between each royal building. Viewers are able to partake in the pure delight of a walk inside these beautiful pieces of architecture.

"Buckingham Palace" - Wednesday, July 18

Buckingham Palace may be just about the most famous building in the world, but its story is much less familiar. Fiona Bruce reveals how England's most spectacular palace emerged from a swampy backwater in just 300 years. The journey of discovery takes her from the sewers of London to the magnificent State Rooms; from a home for camels and elephants to the artistic brilliance of C18th-century Venice; and from a prince's Chinese fantasy to the secret of how the Palace's glittering chandeliers are cleaned today.

"Windsor Castle" - Wednesday, July 25

From the bowels of the Castle to the heights of the battlements, Fiona encounters all manner of royal treasures - from the musket ball that killed a naval hero to table decorations in gold and silver and encrusted with jewels; from the triple-headed portrait of a king who lost his head to Queen Mary's Dolls' House with running taps, and a secret garden hidden in a drawer. All of this was almost lost in the disastrous fire of 1992.

"Holyrood House" - Wednesday, August 1

It is also one of Britain's smallest palaces and yet events at Holyrood have determined the fate of three countries - England, France and Scotland. It was also the last place where a royal prince challenged the right of an English king to sit on the throne. Fiona Bruce discovers remarkable objects from the Royal Collection that are intimately bound to the Palace's turbulent history - from the spectacular Darnley Jewel with its many hidden messages to the cat-and-mouse needlework of a doomed queen.



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