KCET Presents 'Eisenhower's Secret War'

Hosted by newsman Evan Thomas, two-part series features more than 20 key witness accounts - American, British and Soviet - to major events of the era. 


BURBANK, CA--June 2, 2014--KCET, the nation's largest independent public television station, has announced it will air EISENHOWER'S SECRET WAR, a new documentary that examines Dwight D. Eisenhower's unwavering commitment -- both public and covert -- to peaceful co-existence with the Soviet Union in the tumultuous and uneasy Cold War years.


Based on recent research by established scholars and writers, the two-part documentary series provides a fresh understanding of Eisenhower's path to the presidency from the time of the successful D-Day landings and, as president, how his national security policies and tactics kept a divided world at peace during the 1950s. Hosted by public television news commentator and author Evan Thomas, EISENHOWER'S SECRET WAR features the accounts of more than 20 key witnesses -- American, British and Soviet -- to the major events of the era.


Monday, June 9, 2014 at 9 p.m.:  "The Lure of Presidency"
The first part chronicles Eisenhower's exploits in World War II, his decision to enter presidential politics, and his fulfillment of an election promise to seek a solution to ending the Korean War, after more than 33,000 military deaths. It also follows the grassroots movement to draft Eisenhower as the Republican candidate for president; Eisenhower's reluctant decision to leave his powerful position at NATO; his fight for the Republican Party's nomination against "neo-isolationist" Sen. Robert Taft, the leader of the GOP; his campaign against Democrat Adlai Stevenson; and finally, his election as the 34th president.

Monday, June 16, 2014 at 9 p.m.: "Building Weapons, Talking Peace"
The second part recounts President Eisenhower's diplomatic confrontations against the Soviet Union during the early Cold War years, crises prompted by aggressive Kremlin-sponsored action around the world. It also documents his attempts to keep the peace while establishing a clear superiority for the U.S. in the nuclear arms "race." He used what scholars have called his "hidden hand" tactics to keep that superiority under wraps despite intense criticism that the U.S. was falling behind the USSR in military strength. Thanks to the use of the U-2 spy plane, "Ike" knew the weaknesses of the Soviet Union, but he kept that information secret as he pushed his policies of peaceful co-existence in a divided world.


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