Link TV Premieres New Episodes of Existential Series, 'Global Spirit'

San Francisco, Calif. - Feb. 28, 2014 - Link TV, the national satellite television network and global content provider, will premiere two new episodes of the "internal travel" series, Global Spirit, which takes a global approach to the exploration of human consciousness, offering compelling ideas, practices and distilled wisdom from different cultures. New episodes, "The Search for God" and "Stories to Remember" will premiere on Link TV (via DirecTV 375 and DISH 9410) Sundays, March 2 and March 9, 2014 at 9 p.m. ET/ 6 p.m. PT, respectively.  Viewers can also access the episodes online at


"The Search For God" brings together philosopher and author Jacob Needleman with Sufi teacher Pir Zia Inayat Khan to share their unique insights on the concept and the experience of "God." In addition to their engaging studio conversation, this program includes unique original footage from a recent spiritual retreat led by Pir Zia, along with a discussion of God by philosophy group led by Jacob Needleman. With both these groups, the concept of God is shared, explored and even felt, by some participants.


Following the premiere on March 2, viewers will have the opportunity to access a live webcast to join the conversation with the program guests, send comments and ask questions.


"Stories to Remember" brings together two guests who use the power of storytelling to remember what is important. Kay Olan, a renowned storyteller from the Mohawk nation in upstate New York, meets community organizer and youth mentor, Orland Bishop, who brings the power of story and African wisdom traditions to his work with members of notorious Los Angeles street gangs.


Global Spirit is a unique inquiry into humankind's belief systems, wisdom traditions, and states of consciousness. Presented by British actor and writer John Cleese and hosted by author and spiritual seeker Phil Cousineau, this unique, critically acclaimed series features renowned experts such as Deepak Chopra, Karen Armstrong, Robert Thurman, Riane Eisler, and many others. Mixing evocative film segments with deep discussion, Global Spirit takes viewers on a mind and soul-expanding journey, exploring the relationships between ancient wisdom traditions, diverse belief systems, world religions, metaphysics and modern science.



Link TV is a viewer-supported 501(c)(3) organization, distributed nationally via satellite on DIRECTV channel 375 and DISH Network channel 9410 - reaching more than 34 million US households. Link TV is a service of KCETLink, the national independent public transmedia organization formed by the merger between KCET and Link Media. For complete background information, program schedule and Internet streaming, go to Follow on Twitter @LinkTV and on Facebook at Link TV is a service of KCETLink.



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