The Royals Are Ratings Winners for KCET

Los Angeles, CA - April 29, 2011 - A special week of programming devoted to the "Royals" delivered KCET's highest ratings since becoming independent public media for Southern and Central California.

"Royals Week," hosted by award-winning journalist Patt Morrison, featured BBC curtain raiser shows, William and Kate: The Royal Wedding and the four-part series The House of Windsor, and culminated with the BBC's live broadcast event, Prince William and Kate's Royal Wedding.

KCET's eight hours of primetime programs that celebrated the Royal Wedding and the midnight live broadcast of the wedding gave the station its highest ratings of the year in primetime and late night.

The eight primetime programs averaged 50,000 households, which is a 153% increase over the station's comparable average ratings since January 2011. The midnight nuptials broadcast averaged 46,000 households, a nearly tenfold increase (980%) over the same time period since the beginning of the year.

Ratings peaked on April 27 with the 9 p.m. to 10 p.m. broadcast of The House of Windsor: The 1947 Royal Wedding: The People's Wedding, averaging over 82,000 households. The episode was repeated throughout the eve of the 2011 nuptials, on April 28, leading into BBC's live three-hour broadcast of Prince William and Kate's Royal Wedding, which began at midnight April 29.


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