Robby Herbst
Robby Herbst

Robby Herbst is an interdisciplinarian broadly interested in socio-political formations; behavioral architecture, languages of dissent and counter cultures. He is a writer, artist, teacher, and something other. He co-founded, and is former editor, of the Journal of Aesthetics & Protest, and currently instigates the Llano Del Rio Collective’s guides to Los Angeles. He has history involved in alternative media. He is the co-editor, with Nicole Antebi and Colin Dickey, of “Failure! Experiments in Social and Aesthetic Practices”. He’s contributed to catalog essays for artist Katie Grinnan and Fritz Haeg, and entries in other arts and activist publications including: Afterall, Proximity, Clamor, Artus, and Arthur. He has lectured widely and taught contemporary art at USC, Otis College of Art, and Goddard College. He is a recipient of a Warhol Foundation Arts Writer’s Grant for essays exploring the phenomenology of social practice art and protest.


LOCATION: Los Angeles.

EXPERTISE: Arts in the expansive field.

INSPIRATION: Trying to make someone, somewhere, a bit uncomfortable.



WHY YOU LOVE WHERE YOU LIVE: LA makes little sense to me.

Recent Articles
Graphic Designers of the L.A. Art World
Graphic Designers of the L.A. Art World
L.A. based graphic designers Brian Roettinger, Jessica Fleischmann, Tanya Rubbak, and Kimberly Varella talk about their collaborations and their inspirations.
Does MOCA Need a Mascot?
Does MOCA Need a Mascot?
The Nation Wide Museum Mascot Project, or NWMMP, attempts to transfigure our every day relationship with art institutions by way of Allan Kaprow and Sid and Marty Krofft.
The Worker's Rug: Fine Art From Day Labor
The Worker's Rug: Fine Art From Day Labor
The Workers' Rug/La Alfombra Del Trabajador is an art done by day laborers in collaboration with artists, the Craft and Folk Art Museum, and the Instituto de Educación Popular del Sur de California. It codifies the experiences of workers woven together with their t-shirts.
The Past In the Present: The Sunland Hog Farm Commune
The Past In the Present: The Sunland Hog Farm Commune
The Hog Farm was a commune located in the hills above Sunland, a town in the far north of the San Fernando Valley in the late 1960s. Robby Herbst and archaeologist Annie Danis visit the former site to excavate the remnants of this hilltop hippiedom.
Robby Herbst: My SoCal Art History
Robby Herbst: My SoCal Art History
To trace the trajectory of Southern California art, Artbound is creating a collective timeline comprised of the decisive events that shaped artists' creative development. Today, we talk to Los Angeles artist Robby Herbst.
KChung Radio is a Sound Sensation
KChung Radio is a Sound Sensation
KChung Radio broadcasts an eclectic array of music, experimental shows, performance artists, and even on air meditations.
Could an Artists' Union Occupy L.A.?
Could an Artists' Union Occupy L.A.?
A union. The image has two meanings, one of them significantly warmer than the next. As of late 2011, some members of L.A.'s art community have been meeting twice monthly to plan out the form of what a union could look like.
California Hot Tubbing: An Oral History of the Steam Egg
California Hot Tubbing: An Oral History of the Steam Egg
In downtown L.A., communion, of the hot tub variety, happens in an egg. A steam egg. Artist Michael Parker offers his home-studio as a steam bath for friends, and friends-of-friends-of-friends.
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section header: disciplines
icon, Architecture/ Design discipline

Architecture/ Design

California becomes an international export by redefining the concept of city and home.

icon, Community Arts discipline

Community Arts

Through workshops, education and placed based projects, art is the connective tissue of a community.

icon, Cultural Politics discipline

Cultural Politics

Funding bubbles, cultural deserts and the politics of access to the arts in the 21st century.

icon, Film & Media Arts discipline

Film & Media Arts

At the shadow of the entertainment industry, video artists and underground filmmakers take a stand.

icon, Literature discipline


Noir, sunshine and dystopia create a multi-ethnic narrative that is read, watched and admired around the globe.

icon, Multi-Disciplinary discipline


Multi-hyphenate works that combine disciplines, remix dogmas, and reinvent the wheel.

icon, Music discipline


A dialogue between cultures, the music of our state serves up the California dream like no other artform.

icon, Performance discipline


Staging the drama of California through dance, music and theater.

icon, Visual Arts discipline

Visual Arts

Breaking away from the European and New York vanguard, California reinvents the art world.

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