Ted Quinn
Ted Quinn

Ted Quinn is an artist, musician and cultural activist, as profiled in the documentary, 'Nowhere Now: the Ballad of Joshua Tree;” Host of the Local Music Showcase on Z107.7 FM in Joshua Tree, California.

As President and Music director for Morongo Basin Arts Council, Quinn produced two compilation CD's, featuring many of the desert's most interesting musicians, while presiding over the 2011 Hwy 62 Art Tours, the area's largest annual Arts event.
Since moving to Joshua Tree in the mid-nineties, Quinn has produced ten albums of his original music, including several which were recorded over a decades-long relationship with the legendary Rancho de la Luna studio.

Quinn has hosted thousands of performances at weekly open mics, currently presenting dozens of singers, songwriters, poets and comedians, weekly, at Pappy & Harriet's in Pioneertown and at the Joshua Tree Saloon.

Quinn's professional career began one half century ago, as a child actor in Hollywood.


FACEBOOK: www.facebook.com/teddyboythemightyquinn

WHAT INSPIRES ME: the natural landscape, heartfelt music, fatherhood


FAVORITE WRITERS: Iris Berry, Francesca Lia Block, Ruben Martinez,



WHY I LOVE WHERE I LIVE: The view is endless by day, starry sky is boundless by night, both of whioch feed a person's creativity, as evidenced by the number of creatives constantly 'discovering' and relocating here, for a quieter, slower pace and the support of a conscious community.

ART YOU MAKE (IF YOU MAKE ANY...): I've made ten albums of my original music since moving to the desert in the mid-90s. I'm working on a film. I love painting, drawing and writing.

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