Artbound explores the cultural ecology of eleven Southern and Central California counties; utilizes a broad-based, participatory methodology to identify and uncover artists, arts groups and communities engaged in creative practices informed by geography, history and place. From Imperial, to Los Angeles, to Kern and beyond, Artbound is Southern California's Cultural Journalism.
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Although agribusiness, migration and labor are the main staples of Imperial County, the Salton Sea, an area of deep environmental decay, continues to inspire artists and writers today.
At the turn of the 20th Century, Inyo County was the subject of inquiry for many visual artists and photographers seeking to define the West.
A rugged sense of independence created what is now known as the Bakersfield Sound and influenced a new generation of California singers and songwriters.
The constant flux, push and pull of cultural binaries and identities, has given Los Angeles is current status as the preeminent cultural and artistic capital of the world.
Who is to question the cultural importance of Mickey Mouse? Last time we checked, hundreds of O.C teens flocked into the park with a critical understanding about theme park design and a dash of punk rock rebellion.
The cultural ecology of Riverside County is as diverse as its geography.
Like an early piece of land-art, San Bernardino County boasts two breathtaking artificial reservoirs that accentuate the contradictions between the natural and the built environment with the cultural history of the area.
The county's physical and imaginary line has become a laboratory for experimentation as artists explore the militarized territory of the border.
The distance from the main urban hubs has afforded SLO the capacity to retain, preserve and celebrate its agrarian Mexican and Spanish past and allowed its cities and towns to grow at a sustainable rate.
Artists and writers in Santa Barbara acknowledge a shared common cultural history of a not-so-distant past where California and the West were ruled by others.
In Ventura, Ojai’s experimental music and poetry scene, coexists with suburban hardcore punk and manicured lawns.
Petra Cortright: Post-Internet Art in the Social Media Age
Petra Cortright: Post-Internet Art in the Social Media Age
Petra Cortright was raised in Santa Barbara, but she grew up on the Internet. The artist's work is often typified as "post-Internet art" -- art that uses the Web as its medium, source, context and place where it is performed, all at once.
Joe DeVera: A Former Marine Retraces Conflict
Joe DeVera: A Former Marine Retraces Conflict
Artist Joe DeVera's installations question and serve as a vehicle to retrace the history of conflicts in our time and in turn, to comprehend the recurring events of human tragedy.
Wielding The Sword and Skull: The Art of Vernon Courtlandt Johnson
Wielding The Sword and Skull: The Art of Vernon Courtlandt Johnson
Vernon Courtlandt Johnson's drawings of skulls and dragons epitomize skateboarding subculture's particular mix of athletics, aesthetics and attitude.
Water Dancer: Ana María Alvarez
Water Dancer: Ana María Alvarez
Ana María Alvarez, choreographer and founder of the CONTRA-TIEMPO Urban Latin Dance Theater, is making works that deal with water, challenging audiences to confront issues surrounding the element. A former social worker, Alvarez uses dance to engage with communities and channel social activism.
Soldadera: Loving in the War Years
Soldadera: Loving in the War Years
Exhibition "Soldadera" disrupts the master narratives of the Mexican Revolution. It revitalizes archives to uncover hidden stories, imagines and creates an alternate reality, and commemorates women of an important past while searching for new ways to protect the self and the body.
Strokes of Genius and Gratitude: The Calligraphy of Souun Takeda
Strokes of Genius and Gratitude: The Calligraphy of Souun Takeda
Souun Takeda's calligraphy has a uniquely intense emotion that energizes his work; his eager strokes laden with ink often drip down the fragile, washi paper.
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icon, Architecture/ Design discipline

Architecture/ Design

California becomes an international export by redefining the concept of city and home.

icon, Community Arts discipline

Community Arts

Through workshops, education and placed based projects, art is the connective tissue of a community.

icon, Cultural Politics discipline

Cultural Politics

Funding bubbles, cultural deserts and the politics of access to the arts in the 21st century.

icon, Film & Media Arts discipline

Film & Media Arts

At the shadow of the entertainment industry, video artists and underground filmmakers take a stand.

icon, Literature discipline


Noir, sunshine and dystopia create a multi-ethnic narrative that is read, watched and admired around the globe.

icon, Multi-Disciplinary discipline


Multi-hyphenate works that combine disciplines, remix dogmas, and reinvent the wheel.

icon, Music discipline


A dialogue between cultures, the music of our state serves up the California dream like no other artform.

icon, Performance discipline


Staging the drama of California through dance, music and theater.

icon, Visual Arts discipline

Visual Arts

Breaking away from the European and New York vanguard, California reinvents the art world.

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