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Around the Counties: Looking into Los Angeles County Arts with Robby Herbst

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Today, Robby Herbst contributes to Around the Counties. The columnist is currently in Washington D.C. working on a 3-week residency and tells us more about the project below. For this weekend, Herbst suggests that you attend the closing weekend of two shows at Commonwealth & Council, listen in on the Can Artist Heal Nature In L.A.? conversation and make a trip to Fort Hernandez in Van Nuys to discover the latest developments.

What makes Los Angeles County so attractive?

It's wildly diverse. For an artist the diversity amongst people presents a great place to play and explore.

Great Los Angeles Walk. | Photo: waltarrrrr/Flickr/Creative Commons License

What are some of your favorite art venues in L.A. County? Why do you particularly enjoy them?

  • I like Pieter which is an experimental, contemporary dance venue. I like it because it provides the opportunity for people to do risky performances. The quality of the stuff there is really good. It's generally free to attend. It's great.
  • I like KChung Radio, similarly, because they are a relatively open access platform for experimental sound art and it's a really vital community for people who are artists and musicians. They just purchased a new space that's going to be hosting events there as well.
  • Human Resources, like Pieter they are a relatively open and collectively run performance venue constantly doing really great performances and events.
  • I also like public spaces like the Los Angeles River and the streets of Los Angeles.

Can you tell us about a project or two you're working on outside of Artbound?

I am doing a residency with the Provision Library. I am exploring the phenomenon of citizen participation within government welfare policies from the 1960's to today. Research for this project will manifest in some public performances around D.C. involving climbing broken ladders.

Also, soon the Llano Del Rio Collective will be releasing and distributing it's next guide "the Antagonists Guide (To The Assholes) of LA."

Robby Herbst.

What captures your interest?

I could say that personally, I continue to be interested in Los Angeles-based practices that take social conditions and explore them in radically interesting ways.

Fort Hernandez. | Photo: NoHoDamon/Flickr/Creative Commons License

Can you recommend any art events taking place this weekend to the Artbound audience?

If I were in L.A. I would check out these events:

At Commonwealth & Council closing this Sunday: Let's Use These Things by Taisha Paggett [and] A Ritual To Invite Magic by Jen Smith. Taisha is a real thoughtful and accomplished dancer and I'd want to see her show and Jen's sounds real interesting. Commonwealth and Council's shows are usually very provactive and satisfying.

I'd also try to swing by for the conversation: Can Artist Heal Nature In L.A? (which Sue Bell Yank wrote about this week for Artbound).

Finally I'd be keeping my ears tuned to what was going on At Fort Hernandez in the Valley- a foreclosed house that is being blockaded by folks resisting evictions. I might even drive by to lend some support.

La Tierra de la Culebra Park. | Photo: Jennifer Gaillard/Flickr/Creative Commons License

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Top Image: L.A. River Ride Tour. | Photo: waltarrrrr/Flickr/Creative Commons License

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