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Artbound 2012: Best of Los Angeles County


Since Artbound's launch in May 2012, we've published 195 articles about Los Angeles County, delving into the creative spirit that drives this sprawling megalopolis. We've met an inspiring group of creatives from all corners of this expansive city. There was Gil Scott-Herron's daughter, Gia who keeps her family's fire burning, nail artists who make fingertips into tiny sculptures, and Ken Price, whose amorphous blobs where featured at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art. We listened to the mix-tape of producer Boom Bip and Charlie White, a photographer who documents the adolescent girls in "driving distance from Santa Monica"; we examined how the aeronautics industry influenced art in our region; and we contemplated the representation of Koreatown in the unwavering eye of (hyper) reality television. This year, Los Angeles became a place of conflict and civil disobedience, as the financial crisis led to artists who fought against the system, like Alex Schaefer, who paints burning banks, or Olga Koumoundouros, who occupied a foreclosed home with artwork. It's cliche to call Los Angeles a city of dreamers, but it is magnetic north for those who align their compasses to a nexus of inspiration-addicts and compulsive creators. Los Angeles is a swirling universe, with myriad cultural constellations populated with distinct worlds and microcosms, never spinning out of control, but freely moving around a singular core: imagination.

Today Artbound looks back at our year here in Los Angeles and presents some of our most read articles. Enjoy!

Street Artist RISK Transforms Skid Row with Murals

RISK's style has gone from lettering and images to abstract washes with color. | Photo: MOCA.

Artist RISK has created a vibrant mural called "Ye Sun" on a wall facing L.A.'s Skid Row to bring art to this blighted corner of downtown.

Urban Impressions: Barbara A. Thomason's 100 Not-So-Famous L.A. Views

Californian Coyotes by Barbara A. Thomason, cel vinyl on illustration board (2008)

Barbara A. Thomason spent five years depicting the freeways, rivers, restaurants, street signs, buildings, neighborhoods and landscapes that are familiar and dear to the people who call L.A. home.

Meet The New Aquarians

The Mother House. | Photo: Courtesy of Isis Aquarian.

The Source Family was led by a bearded visionary called Father Yod in Nichols Canyon alongside around 140 other family members, living by "Aquarian" principles of love, whole foods, Eastern and Western spiritual teachings, and rock 'n' roll.

Sounds in Oaxacalifornia: Gala Porras-Kim Investigates Indigenous Tones

Notes after G. M. Cowan 1, 2012. Gala Porras-Kim. Graphite on paper, post it, wood. | Photo: Courtesy of the artist.

Gala Porras-Kim's exhibition "Prospecting Notes About Sounds" researches Zapotec culture, its tonal language, and the variations of dialects contained within Oaxaca.

Frank Gehry, Closet Classicist

Vitruvian Man, by Leonardo Da Vinci, the classic exploration of proportion in the Renaissance period.

Frances Anderton suggests Frank Gehry's humanistic approach to architecture has roots in classicism. The author sits down with the renowned architect to talk about this dimension to his work.

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Top Image: Downtown Los Angeles | Photo: Mulling it Over/Flickr/Creative Commons

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