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Artbound Machine Project Special Airs Thursday, March 6 at 9PM

Echo Park institute Machine Project recently invited and filmed more than 20 artists to create performances that respond to notable architectural sites throughout Los Angeles, collectively creating The Machine Project Field Guide to L.A. Architecture. The project was part of the larger Getty initiative, Pacific Standard Time Presents: Modern Architecture in L.A., which celebrated Southern California's modern architectural heritage. Pieces include:

"Welcome" by the Sunland Dancers and Tara Jane ONeil
"The Sky Above" by Kamau Patton
"Everyone Will Be Here Now But Me" by Jacqueline Gordon
"Glass Bang" by Asher Hartman
"Wash" by Ing
"Hafosafo Chorus & Happy Foot Sad Foot Sign Online" by Jessica Cowley and Bennett Williamson.

The Artbound special episode "The Machine Project Field Guide to L.A. Architecture" will air on Thursday, March 6 at 9 PM PST on KCET-TV.

Check out the Machine Project videos below:

The Sunland Dancers at Flat Top Hill.

"Welcome" by The Sunland Dancers and Tara Jane ONeil

Choreographer Jmy James Kidd's group, The Sunland Dancers, performed "Welcome," on Montecito Heights' Flat Top Hill at sunset in June 2013.

The Sky Above

"The Sky Above" by Kamau Patton

In conjunction with artist Kamau Patton's helicopter performance art, Machine Project compiles a history of the tallest buildings throughout the history of Los Angeles.

Everyone Will Be Here Now But Me

"Everyone Will Be Here Now But Me" by Jacqueline Gordon

An immersive sound installation where the public explores endless hallways, windowless offices, and stairwells of a mixed-use building.

Glass Bang

"Glass Bang" by Asher Hartman

Asher Hartman's "Glass Bang" is an a experimental musical performance staged in L.A. at an R. M. Schindler-built modernist home on Mulholland Drive in Laurel Canyon.


"Wash" By Ing

In "Wash," an audience was encouraged to swim and explore an underwater viewing room over the course of a slowly shifting three-hour pool performance.

The Ever Rotating Happy Foot / Sad Foot Sign

"The HafoSafo Chorus and the Sunset Foot Clinic Sign Online" By Jessica Cowley and Bennett Williamson

Machine Project leads a singalong underneath the spinning "Happy Foot/Sad Foot" sign on Sunset Blvd.

Top Image: The Sunland Dancers at Flat Top Hill.

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