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The Mother House.

In 2007, when independent publisher Jodi Wille published a book about a 1970s mystical tribe from L.A. called the Source Family, she had no idea the profound ripple effect it would have on a certain swathe of the tripped-out contemporary art underground. Illustrated with photos of the long-haired, dreamy-looking family members, the book triggered a chain reaction in a specific substrata of neo-hippie musicians, designers, writers, graffiti artists, restaurateurs, alternative livers and spiritual seekers, some of them famous (Billy Corgan, Devendra Banhart, MEAR ONE), all of them free spirits, the kind who might themselves have joined the Source Family had they been born 30 years earlier.

Father Yod | Courtesy of Isis Aquarian.

The Source Family was led by a bearded visionary called Father Yod, who lived with his 14 "spiritual wives" in a mansion in Nichols Canyon alongside around 140 other family members, operating LA's first health food restaurant 'The Source' on the Sunset Strip (featured in Woody Allen's Annie Hall), and living by "Aquarian" principles of love, whole foods, Eastern and Western spiritual teachings, and rock 'n' roll. This year, thanks to Wille's documentary, The Source (it premiered in March at SXSW, with more screenings planned in San Francisco and LA), the cosmic ripples started by the book in 2007 are set to reach an even wider audience of New Aquarians and future "Yodheads". But unlike the Source family Aquarians of the 1970s, who lived, ate and slept together, dotingly hanging on to Father Yod's every word, these New Aquarians are decidedly postmodern, a brightly-hued collage of inter-connected individuals who aren't looking for a guru, but are bonded by their common appreciation of the Source's radness. Some of them have taken on Aquarian names; they connect at rock shows, gallery openings, at parties under desert night skies, and on Facebook; they design Source-inspired clothing and make Father Yod-inspired art, tuning into the Source on their own terms, in a way that doesn't require them to actually drop out...not yet, anyway.

The Source Restaurant | Courtesy of Isis Aquarian.

The Source Restaurant Sign | Courtesy of Isis Aquarian.

One of the early Source Family adopters was musician Guy Blakeslee, frontman of LA rock band, The Entrance Band. Like many others in his scene, he already had a passing knowledge of The Source Family thanks to the legacy of YaHoWha13, the Family's influential psych band, comprised of longhaired, guitar-wielding and gong-smashing wizards Djin, Sunflower, and Octavius Aquarian. When YaHoWha13 reformed in November 2007 for a concert at the Echoplex celebrating the book's release, hundreds of bearded, feathery, beautiful young things gathered at the venue, curious to meet original Source family members, including the book's authors Isis and Electricity Aquarian, and the late Sky Saxon, garage rock legend who happened to be a Source family member in the 1970s. (Father Yod was there too, but only in spirit--he died in a freak hang-gliding accident in Hawaii in 1975.)

Vigil over Father Yod's Body | Courtesy of Isis Aquarian.

That night at the Echoplex represents, as Blakeslee puts it, a "pivotal" moment in the development of the psych scene in LA, uniting many generations of psychedelic music fans and spiritual warriors in one room, creating a dialog between the 1970s and the "kids" that hadn't taken place before. "There was a room in the back of the venue all done up with white shag carpet and huge inflatable bean bags and I can remember lounging in this room on loads of Ecstasy talking about Kabbalah and breath of fire with Source Family members who were excited to be talking to a young wannabe shaman active in the LA scene," says Blakeslee (his band also performed that night). When the white-robed, messianic figure of Electricity Aquarian led the audience in a cycle of 108 breaths of fire (a Source Family ritual known as the "star exercise"), Blakeslee remembers feeling "impressd that so many hipsters were willing to let down their guard and do the exercise together."

Morning Meditation | Courtesy of Isis Aquarian.

Shortly afterwards, Blakeslee played the YaHoWha13 reunion show in San Francisco, members of the Entrance Band backing 70-year-old Sky "Sunlight Aquarian" Saxon. Like Blakeslee, Saxon was tripping balls. "Sky was on mushrooms and his wife kept looking at me all googly-eyed and saying "we're not supposed to eat mushrooms" as she ingested more. Sky would turn to me and say "is it trippy Guy? Guy, is it trippy?" And I couldn't quite tell what he meant, but I knew the answer had to be YES." That night, Blakeslee had a long conversation with Electricity Aquarian about his idea for a traveling show, where the Entrance Band, Sky Saxon, and YaHoWha 13 would travel the USA playing shows at elementary schools to recruit and convert the next generation of Aquarians. And even later that night, Blakeslee was given his Aquarian name by YaHoWha13's guitarist, Djin Aquarian ("such a down to earth gentleman with an elfish charm"). Guy was pronounced "Sir Guyser Aquarian", and the Entrance Band drummer Derek James was anointed "Lux Deus Aquarian".

Father Yod's Wives | Courtesy of Isis Aquarian.

Blakeslee remains in regular contact with Djin Aquarian, the most active YaHoWha13 member, and go-to guy for many contemporary musicians interested in the Source. When Sky passed away in 2009, singer Billy Corgan of Smashing Pumpkins fame played bass for Djin Aquarian at the Sky Saxon tribute show, also at the Echoplex. This would mark the first performance by YaHoWha33, a band made up of any YaHoWha13 fan who wants to jam with Djin Aquarian. Sky and Djin had given Billy Corgan his Aquarian name--Shmuel. "It's Samuel in Hebrew," says Djin, on the phone from his home in Mount Shasta. "Samuel was the prophet that anointed King David, and King David was the songwriter. But Billy might be ready for a more cosmic name now, less rooted in Hebrew. Shmuel sounds like a wet mop in the face."

Father Yod and Isis | Courtesy of Isis Aquarian.

Djin has given out several hundred Aquarian names over the last five or six years, to the ever-growing group of young friends that is gravitating toward him and the Source. Apparently, before Father Yod died, he told his 140 core followers that they should prepare for a second incarnation of The Source, made of friends and extended family, whose members would number 4000. That's a lot of names, but Djin is happy to channel them for his new friends. "The names are based on love and friendship," explains Djin. "It gives you a little boost to feel like you belong to that energy movement, that is moving towards health and hygiene and lifestyle and sovereignty and sustainability and all those things that we stood for."

Take Sasha Vallely of the LA band Spindrift--visit her Facebook page and you'll see she now goes by the name Sasha "Kaleidoscopia Aquarian" Vallely. Sasha received her name after meeting Djin at the Sky Saxon tribute event, which she helped organize. "Some people ask questions about my name; they wonder what it's all about," says Sasha. "I try and explain it. I say it's kind of like a cult, but now it's more spread out, and about like-minded people. People that believe in love and being good to one another and all those philosophies. It's a really cool thing to be a part of. A lot of other people want to be involved and I think it's great to spread the word, the message of being more health conscious and looking out for each other." She, like many other New Aquarians, picks and chooses the elements of Source family philosophy that fit her life as a touring musician. "The Source were very strict and used to get early every morning and meditate and were vegan. I can't do that right now. But I do strive to be more health-conscious. I mean, look at Djin, he's full of life and energy and glowing, because of the healthy lifestyle that he leads. I would like to be more like that."

Food at the Source House | Courtesy of Isis Aquarian.

Don't mistake the New Aquarians for straight-up New Agers--open-minded they may be, but forming a drum circle on Venice Beach, growing dreads or paying a lot of money for didgeridoo healings in Ojai isn't what turns them on. They're too inspired by 60s and 70s backstage rock 'n roll culture to go full-on tie-dye (they see themselves as more sophisticated than that), and they're too committed to their art to fully drop out. Instead, they're part of that new breed of conscious hipster, the young culturally-astute hedonists, yogis, and shamanic aesthetes who are searching for their souls and healing their bodies and minds using various experimental means--magic mushrooms, whiskey, ayuasca, raw foods, LSD, niacin, goat-herding, juice cleanses, sound baths, travel to India, art shows in Paris, rainbow-chasing, you name it.

Band Members | Courtesy of Isis Aquarian.

OwlEyes, an LA artist known for his vibrant use of color, rainbows and other psychedelic imagery, started incorporating Source family "vibrant light" inspirations into his collages around the same time he decided to switch up his lifestyle and get healthier. "I think the commune/ cult vibe always attracts the youth, but what made the Source stand out for me, I think, is that they had a very advanced idea of the way food should be treated and used," he says. "Living food for the immortals." Café Gratitude, arguably LA's hippest new health food restaurant, plans to come out with its own take on the "Source burger"--one of the most popular items on the menu at the original Source restaurant. Isis Aquarian, co-author of the 2007 book and spiritual mother of the New Aquarian movement, is expected to be present when they unveil the burger. Isis, like Djin Aquarian, has become a touchstone for young artists and musicians interested in the Source.

Father Yod and Isis | Courtesy of Isis Aquarian.

As Father Yod's former right hand woman, one of his spiritual wives, and designated record keeper of the Source family, Isis makes regular trips to Los Angeles from her home in Hawaii to pursue her life's work--spreading Father Yod's "love, health, and rock n roll" message. Famed graffiti artist MEAR ONE, for example, is one of Isis' biggest fans. You wouldn't ordinarily pair a young urban graffiti artist with a septuagenarian from Hawaii, but the admiration is mutual, and strong. The pair recently met up at Elf restaurant in Echo Park (whose co-owner Astara is another Source family devotee, of course) to discuss a stencil MEAR is making of Father Yod's face, underscored with Yod's slogan, Just Be Kind--kind of like an "OBEY GIANT" for the New Aquarian movement (look out for it on a city street near you soon). "Isis hunted me down in a spiritual sense," says MEAR, from his studio in Silverlake. "It's interesting, when I met her I was in a transition period in my life and she kind of zeroed in on that and got straight to the point. She's kind of a shawoman like that." Isis' philosophy, says MEAR, is "like water for thirsty minds right now."

Isis | Courtesy of Isis Aquarian.

Likewise, Seattle-based experimental clothing designer Michael Cepress has become one of Isis' young fans, and he is creating some Isis-inspired looks for an upcoming new line. "When it comes to the Source Family aesthetic, I love the pure, natural beauty of their handmade clothes, their glorious long hair and glowing complexions--an obvious merit badge granted from years of organic diets, daily meditation and clean living--and the honesty of the look," says Cepress. "There is no tongue in cheek subtext or "we're smarter than you" irony. Its honest, direct, and filled with an undeniable hope for making the world a brighter place through gentle living and open minds."

Father Yod Meditating | Courtesy of Isis Aquarian.

Sometimes the adoration gets a little out of control--Isis wishes an Australian jewelry company called ManiaMania might have asked for permission before creating their 'Isis Aquarian bracelet', but when they sent her one of the pieces she had to concede it was very pretty indeed (she gave it to Jodi Wille as a gift). Isis continues to fly back and forth from Hawaii to LA, fulfilling the quest given to her by Father Yod before he died, to spread his Just Be Kind philosophy among the New Aquarian tribe. And they're lapping it up--when Isis introduced herself to musician Devendra Banhart at a show at LA's Harvard and Stone venue recently, Devendra beamed from ear to ear. "I'm so honored," he said, explaining that he had read the Source book as he wrote down his phone number on a piece of paper. Isis Aquarian may have been the most senior lady in the room, but that night, she was the envy of every girl. Later that night, over a bowl of late-night tom yum soup at a Thai restaurant in Hollywood, she attempted to explain the Source's magical appeal. "We were forbearers, pioneers; we were part of something that was ahead of time, embracing things that this generation is embracing too, taking everything from home birth to green energy to vegetarianism to the mystery teachings. Plus, we wre multi-faceted--there was fashion, music, the restaurant, our mystique...and we really did exist in another realm of frequency. That's how we did it. As a concept, that is just being accepted right now. But kids get it."

Listen to newly uncovered music from Father Yod and the Source Family: "Thought Adjusters"

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Top Image: The Mother House. Photo courtesy of Isis Aquarian.

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People are, out of naivety, blindly embracing a man, who like most of the wannabe gurus at the time, was not who he led people to believe he was.
I know, I was there in the beginning and stayed there for nearly 3 years.
There are very some clear parallels between Jim Baker aka "Father Yod" and another cult leader of the 70's, Jim Jones.

Both Jim Baker and Jim Jones manipulative in their desire to exert control over the free will of the individuals who followed them.
A true spiritual person, is humble and does not interfere with the free will of another individual.
I don't know about Jim Jones, but Jim Baker, went so far as to have us get rid of all of our books and only read those titles that he wanted us to..

And a truly spiritual person is committed to the truth in all aspects of life.
It is the foundation upon which solid spiritual life is built.
Something that neither of these men understood and practiced.

Both cult leaders were both held in complete exaltation by their followers and did not dissuade the personality worship they garnered.
In Jim Baker's case, he created stories about himself in order to elevate his stature in our eyes.
Like the story that Jim Baker liked to tell about himself, were he climbed out of the brig on a sinking navy ship in WW ll and shot down a Japanese Zero.
Or Jim Jones and his fake miracle working.
They both looked for places in the world to take their followers to remove them from society.
For us in the Source, it was first Central America, then South America and finally it was Hawaii.
We believed that the earth was going to shift on it's axis in 1986 and that we would be the ones to come back and save the lost, "Piscean survivors and lead them into the Age of Aquarius".
Both Jim Baker and Jim Jones lived in their own compounds, separated from everyone else.
While the Source Family slept in little cupboards stacked ontop of each other, like bees in a hive.
Both had members of their cults patrolling their compounds with weapons..
Jim Jones's with guns, Jim Baker's with bows and arrows (something that the existing residents in Hawaii didn't take kindly to)...
And they both became sexual predators; sleeping with women far younger than them as well as the wives and girl friends of other male members of their cults.
Like the time that Jim Baker (now Father Yod) enticed the book keeper to have sex with him (his wife's back)?
When Jim started ingnoring her (the book keeper) after that, the woman suffered an attack of schizophrenia (a malady that she obviously hid from everyone when she joined).
And what did "visionary" Father Yod do?
This man, who literally told people he was "God", had some of his "sons", quietly take this woman (who was completely schizophrenic; screaming and babbling away to imaginary people) to a hotel, rent her a room and leave her with $100.00.
A great way to dispose of your "problem" and maintain your image, but not something that is done out of love for another.
And the list goes on for the "Highest Trip on The Planet" that was supposed to be ushering in the Age of Aquarius to all the "Piscean" people of the world. A rather condescending attitude to have towards your fellow human being.

In some ways, it seems like the only differences were the end results between the two cults (and Jim Baker's use of drugs and tanks of laughing gas).

We know what happened to Jim Jones and the People's Temple.

But in the end what happened. to Father Yod??
According to the transcripts that I read, Jim Baker / Father Yod gave a class to his wives, in which he proclaimed that he was going to go hang gliding at Makapuu in order to show the locals how to do it.
When one of the women commented that he could get "killed", Jim proclaimed that "if Jesus is the air, he's not going to let anything happen to his Father, is he?".
And what happened?
Makapuu is famous for it's updrafts. Hang gliders launching from those cliffs, go straight up on the currents.
And what happened to Jim, the man who proclaimed himself "God"?
The man that the air was "not going to let anything happen to", launches and goes straight down..
Eventually pulling out a few hundred feet above the ocean and flying back to land where Jim crashed, apparently broke his back and later died after inhaling some laughing gas.
A victim of his own ego and lies and trapped by those around him, who believed those lies more than him (his so called "wives" didn't know why he stopped breathing and wondered if he had momentarily left his body).
And the house of the Brotherhood of The Source, that Jim Baker built on lies and manipulation fell apart not long after.


Aloha Velocity-it is hard to reply to this not knowing who you are or who you were in the family days and what your experience was from the rest of our point of view. However i think it is valid that everyone have their own reality in any part of their life journey . this is what you saw for some reason and so this is what you got out of it....most of us or maybe i should just speak for myself, this is not what i saw, understood or got out of it :) no matter what any of us experienced in our life for me it is a learning curve in getting us to our next stage of evolution to a spiritual being and no steps can be skipped- we are in a school of life, each in their own grade and each will have to pass their own exams for graduation. that is why i feel no one has the right to really judge another's path or experience. I just turned 70 and so far that time in my life has been the one that has built my foundation in wisdom and understanding and so far i have not found anything to match it. I am well , sane and Happy and so that apparently worked for me and my life in the now is working for me...i wish you the same
in kindness
isis aquarian


i was with the family for three years, i have taken many of the teachings and used it throughout my life and with my children. i had some of the best times in my life in the family and was always free to come and go. many of the lessons were what molded me to where i am today. i look back with fondness and great times and am sorry you were unhappy. jeanette lipman/light aquarian


I was an original member of the Source family and was there for six years, and I must post here that most of the accusations velocity90 indicates were simply subject to ones own interpretation. For example, the "giving up" of all books was a practice - so that one could find the true source of enlightenment from within and not have to wade through mountains of confusion that the path of books would provide. To insist that Jim Baker made up stories about himself is simply not true, (the stories were true) - and Jim Jones and Jim Baker had no slight thread of similarities. Jim Baker did not separate himself from anyone. We ran a restaurant on the Sunset Strip in Hollywood, and he was there quite often. No woman was ever forced to do anything that she didn't want to do. Sex is the highest form of sensation and was used properly to awaken the Chakras, just as the Yoginis have done for centuries. and "Jim" did not break his back and did not inhale laughing gas and die as a result of injuries. It never ceases to amaze me how someone who was there for three years can now distort the facts in such a way as to show that the point was sorely missed.


Light, I'm not unhappy at all.
JP. I'm not distorting anything..
The original members of the family were (in order of appearance):
Patrick Burke (Sunflower)
Timmy or Tim Garon
Robert (he was a prep cook)
Bobby Paul (Damian)
the three girls: Nancy Retstein, Michelle Scovern and Marsha Gossard
Which one were you (both Michelle and Tim have already crossed the threshold, so you're not either of them)?
I have no reason to lie or distort anything about any of this.
Unless Isis is making things up in the transcripts of Jim's death, he did inhale laughing gas and well as a few other drugs before he died.
The transcripts give the impression that Jim was so worried that he was on the verge of panic.. calling yogi Bhajan for advice.
But it was It was the visit of Bo Rinaldi and his advice that kept Jim from doing a few other things.
I suggest you contact Isis and read the transcripts.. although they could be altered now, in order to avoid a criminal investigation..

There is no documentation to support Jim's stories of his teenage WWll exploits (born in 1926 or 27, he would have been between 18 and 19 at the time of his claims) and the military always keeps records of heroic deeds performed by their serviceman.
Unless you can provide proof of that (something that I have looked for and haven not found, nor has Isis, the librarian of the Source provided), your claim is just your belief and not the fact your claiming or in this case, wishing it to be..
I do want to thank you for verifying the banning of all books by anyone that Jim disapproved of. This is what cult leaders do... Perhaps this is something that they got from Hitler (the famous book burnings by the Third Reich) or they just tap into that dark energy that has to do with manipulation and control.
As far as being free to leave The Source at any time.. Yes, there was nothing that Jim or anyone could do to keep someone from leaving..
But when people left (from Patrick aka Sunflower to myself) Jim was always derisive in his commentary about them and acted as though the person had done something wrong.. This triggered an attitude of cold indifference from most people in the family toward those that had the audacity to think that the Source was not the "highest trip on the planet" as Jim called it.
Jim did separate himself from everyone.. When last I saw him, he had a nice big bedroom at the "Father house" while the rest of you were sleeping in wooden boxes stacked 3 to 4 high on top of each other in the rooms in the house.
He always preached how a holy man should not earn his living off of his teachings...
Yet, he never worked more than an hour in my 3 years at the Source, but lived off of the labors of all of us that worked in the restaurant. Which is fine if you're strictly a business owner and not someone making the aforementioned statement..
The whole Source "trip".. (to use the limited lack of vocabulary of the Source family) revolved around Jim..
To get back to being free to leave at anytime from the Source.. that was a threat to Jim..
I'll never, ever forget what he said to me when I told him I was going to leave.. He played a game with my mind..
"You know, it's like the rabbit crossing the road, it's just about to make it to the other side, when it gets scared and turns around and runs back to the other side.. only to get hit by a car before it gets there"..
I was 17 and I thought... "whoa!.. I'm going to get fucked up if I leave"... and then I looked in his eyes and saw..
The con man that he was...


just saying at this point...i am learning to let all have their opinions and reality as valid for them. we cannot control it at this point- Father Yod, the Source, our adventure- has gone viral and it is and will continue to do the work not only in the now (as it has been in a very positive receptive way with most-and that is good) but long after we are gone...it will continue to do its work and all the nonsense of ego/personality who said what hindsight or any of it will just be dust in the wind. I guess what i have reduced it to is simple.....THIS WAS NOT MY EXPERIENCE OR REALITY OF IT (what others are seeing different than us or me) AND SO THAT IS WHAT I GOT OUT OF IT, OTHERS WILL GET WHAT THEY SEE OR WANT...THE 70'S WERE A CROSS OVER IN HISTORY AND TIME AND WE WERE PART OF IT AND WE HAVE HISTORICAL VALUE :) ......I so appreciate all the positive balance and feedback however from the family members....Father and the family never set out to do anything or did anything with hurt or harm in mind....we practiced "just be Kind" as much as we could and that is what I would like to ask here. not everyone will agree but we can share with each other our journey of this life time, what it meant to us then and what it means to us now and how we are using it and how we are evolving on our evolutionary process from man to a spiritual being....and allow all their own path...as no steps can be skipped, we each take our own exams and we each pass our own grades and graduation time is once again upon us. we just need a passing grade and that went for Father Yod also :).... xxoo isis


light again or jeanette lipman. I loved every moment I had, to be in the presence of so many loving brothers and sisters, never once was I made to feel unsafe. Far from it, I have never in my life since made to feel so safe as I was than. So many times there was just laughter and peace and spirit and learning. Never made to feel pressured and we all had our assigned duties and did them happily to keep the family flowing. Maybe some brothers were upset that Father had so many women, BUT nothing stopped them from gathering their own angels except for their own hangups. So many of the lessons learned are now coming out to be facts.


Laura, I'm not hiding by having a user name anymore than you are by using Whisper. Or perhaps you are hiding, I don't know.
A number of people don't want to have anything to do with the followers of the source.
Please understand, that I'm not posting out of anger or malice. Nor am I posting lies.
All of that would be wrong to do, because I believe that truth is the very basis of spirituality and that's why I wrote my comments.
And I did so, because Jim was dishonest and manipulated a lot of people and I felt that someone should speak up about that egomaniac.
Whether or not I was too young then to fully grasp everything he was doing is of little relevance, since I'm certainly not too young now.
And I stand by everything I've written..
I'm still waiting for someone to refute my post with actual documentation of Jim's self acclaimed heroic actions.
But I don't think that will be happening, since I don't think the U.S. government would be willing to fabricate documents to support Jim's lies about his military deeds.
I do think it interesting that it you think it was okay for Jim to have made his comments about Yogi Bhajan being in "it" for the money and ego (at one point calling Yogi Bhajan a black magician.. ) yet, it's not alright for anyone to post the truth about Jim?
Your snipe at me is typical of what took place in the family between "members of the highest trip on the planet".
And that hostility, insecurity and ego is still taking place now as evidenced between Djin and you and Patrick https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=459930967356999&set=o.25694466731&type=1&relevant_count=1&ref=nf)
What I'm seeing there now (like your hostility towards me here), is no different than what took place behind the scenes of the big front that was The Source; A lot of holier than thou judgmental attitudes (of which Tim, your husband was the unfortunate recipient of... like the wolf in the pack that gets beat up on) antagonism, disrespect and pettiness, etc. But interspersed amongst us, were some people who were genuinely seeking and humble. And I'm not saying that I was humble.
The first step in gaining control of people's minds, is to control what they read and we went along with giving up our books.
And no one read anything that Jim didn't want us to. He didn't have to make that an order.. He said get rid of the books, gave his reasons and no one, who wanted to stay, was going to disobey him.
As far as jealousy among the men over Jim's many women, I left the Source long before Jim went back on his own teachings about one man and one woman...
As far as the Source going "viral".. Viral is defined as a few million hits in a few days and not 13,000 hits in two years..
Enjoy your life..


first of all....i have copies of ohio newspaper articles stating Jim baker War experience -as he pretty much told us.

Jack Lelanne and Jim were in the same VA hospital after the war and Jack knew his story and had mention it to me at one time..i know Jack son so i will also contact him and see if he remembers this as he was also Jim friend and would hang out with his dad and jim and knew the war stories and the hospital stay. He received the Silver star which has been documented by the Marines when his son asked for information.
and i am sure Elaine Baker would have something to say ?

out of over 200 family members you are one of the very few who has this take on Him and your time in the family , this says a lot to me 90% of us can't be that wrong and if we are- what harm is it doing -there is no harm or hurt intended and only good has come out of it...i remember your tantrams in the kitchen when you would get upset and throw knives around which made me think about your thought processes? we all knew everyone has duality we are humans...be it Jesus , Buddha, Manley P.Hall it seems everyone has their doubts about things and so it will go...this new golden age is 2,000 years and we are just in the beginning of it, but as we morphed into our next evolutionary process as more of a spiritual being it will get better...and this generation already is getting there with the mindset of no more middle man. none of it really matters and i really don't think people care..it will take on a life of its own and end up doing its work and long outlive us all anyhow....some just like a good story and Jim Baker and Father Yod were always an alpha energy and provided it. he was a legend in Hollywod long before the Source and the family and many know his story form those times. I know what i got out of it and it was awesome and still is...that is good enough for me :)) isis


I have know first hand knowledge of any of this. but the discussion is absolutely fascinating.

ive seen documentaries and read a lot from both sides (both people who are followers and those who have since decided its not for them) but reading first hand what someone experience in the comments above is really enlightening

thank you

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