San Bernardino
The San Bernardino Valley creates a dramatic stage for the mountain ranges of the San Bernardino National Forest that are framed in the background. This natural beauty came as no surprise to early Tongva residents who identified a geological formation on the mountains side in the shape of an Arrowhead, directing them to hidden springs of fresh water. Like an early piece of land-art, San Bernardino County boasts two breathtaking artificial reservoirs on top of the mountain ranges - Big Bear and Lake Arrowhead - that accentuate the contradictions between the natural and the built environment with the cultural history of the area.
Junk Dada: The Stories Behind Noah Purifoy's Joshua Tree Sculptures
The Noah Purifoy Outdoor Desert Art Museum of Assemblage Sculpture, open to the public, illustrates the artist's vision during the last 15 years of his life.
Ward Valley: An Extreme and Solemn Relationship
In the 1990s, California's Ward Valley became ground zero in the fight over nuclear waste, endangered species and sacred lands.
Land Speeding at El Mirage: Mojave Playa Interventions P.3
Since the 1920s, gearheads and hot rodders have flocked to the flat alkali playas of the western Mojave Desert, setting land speed records that continue to be pushed today.
LACMA9: A Nomadic Community Film School
LACMA9: A Nomadic Community Film School
LACMA's new educational initiative, the LACMA9 Art + Film Lab, is a traveling interactive installation/event and community space that will visit nine SoCal communities over a 16 month period.
Engaged and Inspired: DEHSART
Engaged and Inspired: DEHSART
Visual artists Larissa Nickel and Karyl Newman turn illegally dumped trash into whimsical recycled sculptures, encouraging their community to rethink their conceptions about waste.
Assembly Required: The Transformative Art of Noah Purifoy
Assembly Required: The Transformative Art of Noah Purifoy
Noah Purifoy spent the final years of his life in Joshua Tree creating the monumental "Outdoor Desert Art Museum of Assemblage Sculpture" made from tons of discarded materials.
Inland Empire Artists Capture the Sense of 'Being Here'
Inland Empire Artists Capture the Sense of 'Being Here'
In the new exhibition "Being Here," Inland Empire artists are able to express their emotive inspiration about this underrepresented land just east of L.A.
Aridtopia's Loop Writing: A Desert Language
Aridtopia's Loop Writing: A Desert Language
Tyler Stallings' Aridtopia is a speculative, utopian community in the Mojave Desert.
Embracing the Blues with Jimmy King
Embracing the Blues with Jimmy King
For Joshua Tree-based musician Jimmy King, the blues is a mission to find meaning, a discovery of what matters, and an embrace of what's real.
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section header: disciplines
icon, Architecture/ Design discipline

Architecture/ Design

California becomes an international export by redefining the concept of city and home.

icon, Community Arts discipline

Community Arts

Through workshops, education and placed based projects, art is the connective tissue of a community.

icon, Cultural Politics discipline

Cultural Politics

Funding bubbles, cultural deserts and the politics of access to the arts in the 21st century.

icon, Film & Media Arts discipline

Film & Media Arts

At the shadow of the entertainment industry, video artists and underground filmmakers take a stand.

icon, Literature discipline


Noir, sunshine and dystopia create a multi-ethnic narrative that is read, watched and admired around the globe.

icon, Multi-Disciplinary discipline


Multi-hyphenate works that combine disciplines, remix dogmas, and reinvent the wheel.

icon, Music discipline


A dialogue between cultures, the music of our state serves up the California dream like no other artform.

icon, Performance discipline


Staging the drama of California through dance, music and theater.

icon, Visual Arts discipline

Visual Arts

Breaking away from the European and New York vanguard, California reinvents the art world.

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