San Diego
Like much of Southern California, San Diego County embodies the social, political and artistic extremes of the region. San Diego is a military area, a border town, a retirement community, an occupied territory and a vacation destination all in one. These sub-cultures produce and provide distinct ecosytems for the area’s residents, generating narratives that often contradict and collide with each other. The art community has responded to these contradictions for generations, ignoring them in some case as an act of political defiance, and in others, embracing them in their totality. The area’s physical and imaginary line has become a laboratory for experimentation as artists explore the militarized territory of the border.
Marianela de la Hoz: Disquieting Scenes of Haunting Beauty
San Diego-area figure painter Marianela de la Hoz's work has Mexican and Catholic roots with ruminations on pain and pleasure, depravity and mystery.
LA/LA Place + Practice: Local Sitings of Latin America
The LA/LA Place + Practice symposium at the San Diego Museum of Art and at the Getty Museum brought together Tijuana and L.A. activists, artists, curators, and scholars.
Tom Driscoll: Hidden in Plain Sight
Artist Tom Driscoll's conical concrete casts, ranging form monumental to miniature, will be on display at ICE Gallery in San Diego.
Weekender: From San Diego Architects to Tijuana Music Fests
Weekender: From San Diego Architects to Tijuana Music Fests
Today on Weekender, Artbound gathers a list of art events taking place in San Diego and Tijuana.
Drawing a Line: Encounters with the U.S.-Mexico Border
Drawing a Line: Encounters with the U.S.-Mexico Border
Susanna Newbury examines the history of the U.S./Mexico border and its geopolitical importance to the United States.
Borderblaster: Transmission 6 'Mixtape for Crossing'
Borderblaster: Transmission 6 'Mixtape for Crossing'
What song comes to mind when you think of the border? The sixth transmission of Borderblaster creates a mixtape for their final live recording event.
Crossfader Playlist: Tijuana Youth
Crossfader Playlist: Tijuana Youth
"Crossfader Playlist" features a sampler of the blog posts, essays, and digital riffs of Tijuana writer Rafa Saavedra. The fourth installment of an excerpt from Josh Kun and Fiamma Montezemolo's upcoming anthology, Tijuana Dreaming: Art and Life at the Global Border.
Borderblaster: Transmission 5
Borderblaster: Transmission 5 "Open Mic/Discurso Abierto"
The fifth transmission of Borderblaster features audio from an open mic held at the San Ysidro Port of Entry where people were asked to sing, scream, or declare something to the border at the point of crossing.
Man in the Machines: Matthew Hebert's Craft Technology
Man in the Machines: Matthew Hebert's Craft Technology
Matthew Hebert brings together contemporary technology and more traditional ideas of craft.
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section header: disciplines
icon, Architecture/ Design discipline

Architecture/ Design

California becomes an international export by redefining the concept of city and home.

icon, Community Arts discipline

Community Arts

Through workshops, education and placed based projects, art is the connective tissue of a community.

icon, Cultural Politics discipline

Cultural Politics

Funding bubbles, cultural deserts and the politics of access to the arts in the 21st century.

icon, Film & Media Arts discipline

Film & Media Arts

At the shadow of the entertainment industry, video artists and underground filmmakers take a stand.

icon, Literature discipline


Noir, sunshine and dystopia create a multi-ethnic narrative that is read, watched and admired around the globe.

icon, Multi-Disciplinary discipline


Multi-hyphenate works that combine disciplines, remix dogmas, and reinvent the wheel.

icon, Music discipline


A dialogue between cultures, the music of our state serves up the California dream like no other artform.

icon, Performance discipline


Staging the drama of California through dance, music and theater.

icon, Visual Arts discipline

Visual Arts

Breaking away from the European and New York vanguard, California reinvents the art world.

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