San Luis Obispo
Ever since Junipero Serra went up in search of Monterey Bay, San Luis Obispo has been a space in between - an area of rest, a thorough way between Los Angeles and San Francisco. It is this distance from the main urban hubs that has afforded the area the capacity to retain, preserve and celebrate its agrarian Mexican and Spanish past and allowed its cities and towns to grow at a sustainable rate. This lifestyle, coupled with the emergence of a robust wine industry, has attracted a myriad of writers and artists that are exploring the cultural ethos of the area.
Painting Faces: San Luis Obispo Artist David Settino Scott Pictures 'Women'
San Luis Obispo artist David Settino Scott indulges his love of portrait painting, and his appreciation for female beauty in the exhibition "Women."
Coastal Creativity: The Collaborations of Artist Suzi Bliss and Musician Vincent Bernardy
A crossover of music and visual art is taking place in San Luis Obispo. Artist Suzi Bliss, musician/ painter Vince Bernardy, and Blind Melon vocalist Travis Warren are creatives who congregate for collaboration.
Michael Pearce: Art in the Age of Emergence
Michael Pearce draws inspiration from the Pre-Raphaelites and masters of the Italian baroque movement to realize massive and mythical paintings.
Going Nuclear: Artists and Activists Take On Diablo Canyon
Going Nuclear: Artists and Activists Take On Diablo Canyon
The Diablo Canyon nuclear power plant is the focus of a new art exhibit pairing editorial cartoons with heavily redacted communications between government bodies that regulate it.
Ghosts of Taiwan: C. Hite Grapples With Her Past
Ghosts of Taiwan: C. Hite Grapples With Her Past
C. Hite's new multi-disciplinary exhibition at the San Luis Obispo Museum of Art is largely informed by her childhood spent in the war-torn island nation of Taiwain.
New Play 'pool '63' Dives Into America's Civil Rights Struggle
New Play 'pool '63' Dives Into America's Civil Rights Struggle
The new play "pool '63" revisits a pivotal chapter in American civil rights history while drawing clear parallels between the nation's past and current conflicts.
Earth Gowns: Nature and Narrative in the Fiber Arts
Earth Gowns: Nature and Narrative in the Fiber Arts
A new exhibition in San Luis Obispo examines humankind's relationship with the environment through the medium of handcrafted clothing.
2014 Flashback: Central Coast
2014 Flashback: Central Coast
We look back at Artbound's stories from the Central Coast in 2014.
Handmade: California's Contemporary Craftmakers
Handmade: California's Contemporary Craftmakers
Contemporary craftmakers on the Central Coast infuse beauty into everyday objects, constantly expanding the definition of what is considered "craft."
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section header: disciplines
icon, Architecture/ Design discipline

Architecture/ Design

California becomes an international export by redefining the concept of city and home.

icon, Community Arts discipline

Community Arts

Through workshops, education and placed based projects, art is the connective tissue of a community.

icon, Cultural Politics discipline

Cultural Politics

Funding bubbles, cultural deserts and the politics of access to the arts in the 21st century.

icon, Film & Media Arts discipline

Film & Media Arts

At the shadow of the entertainment industry, video artists and underground filmmakers take a stand.

icon, Literature discipline


Noir, sunshine and dystopia create a multi-ethnic narrative that is read, watched and admired around the globe.

icon, Multi-Disciplinary discipline


Multi-hyphenate works that combine disciplines, remix dogmas, and reinvent the wheel.

icon, Music discipline


A dialogue between cultures, the music of our state serves up the California dream like no other artform.

icon, Performance discipline


Staging the drama of California through dance, music and theater.

icon, Visual Arts discipline

Visual Arts

Breaking away from the European and New York vanguard, California reinvents the art world.

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