Photo Gallery: 'Brave' with the Director, Producer, & Composer

The KCET Cinema Series continued last night with a screening of the highly anticipated Pixar film, "Brave." After the screening, host Pete Hammond was joined on the stage by director Mark Andrews, producer Katherine Sarafian, and composer Patrick Doyle.

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About the film:

A computer animated film produced by the talents of Pixar Animation Studios (Toy Story/Bug's Life/Ratatouille/Cars). It is a dark and mythical fairy tale of sorts set against the backdrop of the Highlands of Scotland. The story tells the tale of an unruly princess, who through her defiant actions brings much chaos to the kingdom. The film employs the voice talents of an all-star cast: Emma Thompson, Kelly MacDonald, Billy Connolly, and Craig Ferguson.

Here are some photos from the event:

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Photos by Anna Nersesyan.


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