PHOTO GALLERY: KCET Cinema Series- A Little Help

On July 12th, KCET Cinema Series screened "A Little Help," a funny and touching coming of age story about Laura, played by Jenna Fischer of "The Office." Set in suburban Long Island in post 9/11 summer of 2002, the movie explores a period of chaotic and bizarre upheaval in the life of a young woman who gets entangled in lies after her husband suddenly dies.

From Cinema Series:

Jenna Fischer stars as Laura, a dental hygienist whose marriage is falling apart and her relationship with her 12-year old son Dennis (Daniel Yelsky) has become strained as well. Laura has not been dealing well with this - she's drinking and smoking too much; her self-esteem and confidence are in free fall. When her husband Bob suddenly dies, as a result of a heart abnormality that goes undetected by an ER doctor - Laura is a deer in the headlights. Manipulated by her intrusive mother and sister, Laura is pressured to send Dennis to a private school and file a malpractice lawsuit against the doctor who misdiagnosed Bob. Engulfed by ordinary events, making an extraordinary emotional journey, somehow, Laura finds herself.

After the screening, the cast joined Pete Hammond for the Q&A session. The audience completed the cast for great acting and discussed the future of independent films.

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