PHOTO GALLERY: KCET Cinema Series- Larry Crowne

Last night KCET Cinema Series movie lovers watched "Larry Crowne," a romantic comedy that stars Tom Hanks and Julia Roberts.

About the film:

Tom Hanks directs, co-writes and stars opposite Julia Roberts in the major studio adult comedy event of the summer. Larry Crowne was a superstar employee at a big box company until he was downsized. Now struggling to pay his mortgage and unsure of what lies ahead he learns to start again by enrolling in college where he finds a brand new life in many ways.

After the screening, film critic Pete Hammond led a Q&A with Nia Vardalos, who co-wrote the film with Tom Hanks. Nia Vardalos is of course famous for "My Big Fat Greek Wedding," the most successful romantic comedy of all time. Nia talked about the success of her first film and how she met Tom Hanks to write "Larry Crowne." Audience members asked questions about the actors in the film, the origin of the story and Nia voice-over history. Below you'll find pictures taken at the screening.

So, what did you think about the film? Will you recommend others? Discuss the plot, actors, and anything else you want to talk about in our KCET Summer Cinema Series discussion board.

Photos by Nadya Zhuravleva and Yoli Martinez

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