PHOTO GALLERY: KCET Cinema Series: Henry's Crime

Last night the KCET Cinema Series screened 'Henry's Crime,' a film directed by Malcolm Venville staring Keanu Reeves and Academy Award nominees James Caan and Vera Farmiga.

From Cinema Series:

An aimless man who works as a toll collector becomes an unwilling participant in an ill-conceived bank heist. In jail he meets a con man who a year later will join withhim in the ultimate heist in a bank vault connected to a theatre. In order to pull oit off he becomes the lead actor in a production of The Cherry Orchard and complicates matters by falling for his leading lady.

Pete Hammond hosted and led the conversation after the film as director Malcolm Venville and the film's distributor answered audience questions. The classic heist movie entertained the audience and the discussions after the film revolved around filming locations and the difficulty of distributing a film.

Below you will find a slideshow with pictures of the host, director and distributor.

Where you at the screening? What did you think of the film?Share your comments here!

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