Photo Gallery: 'People Like Us' with Director Alex Kurtzman

Host Pete Hammond and Director Alex Kurtzman

The KCET Cinema Series continued Tuesday night with a screening of director Alex Kurtzman's "People Like Us" (in theaters June 29th). Host Pete Hammond was joined on the stage by the director at the Aero Theater in Santa Monica.

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About the film:

A drama that marks the directorial debut of director Alex Kurtzman, tells the story of a struggling man, who after flying home to L.A. for the funeral of his father discovers that a stipulation in the father's will states that he must deliver a $150,000 to a 30-year old sister he didn't realized existed and her troubled 12-year old son. Film stars Chris Pine, Elizabeth Banks, Michelle Pfeiffer, John Favreau.

Pictures from the event below:

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Photos by Anna Nersesyan.

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