'Darling Companion' Podcast and Photo Gallery

Pete Hammond with Meg and Lawrence Kasdan

The KCET Cinema Series continued Tuesday night with "Darling Companion," which was a hit with all the animal lovers in the auditorium's audience.

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About the film:

The film stars Diane Keaton, Kevin Kline, Dianne West, and Sam Shepard. From director Lawrence Kasden, the story of a woman who seemingly loves her dog Freeway more than her husband. The plot thickens when the husband accidently loses the dog while on his cellphone. The film is a warm and funny story about personal relationships.

After the screening, host Pete Hammond was joined on the stage by Lawrence and Meg Kasdan, the directing, producing, and co-writing team behind the film. They talked about how they lost their own dog in a situation similar to the film and the lack of Hollywood produced films about older people.

Listen to the podcast:

Look through photos taken at the event:

Photos by Amy Tierney.

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