Preview: 'Bite The Bullet'

Join us next week for 'Bite The Bullet'

The next exciting film at the Summer KCET Cinema Series at the Aero Theatre, Santa Monica is the a special James Coburn feature in tribute to our sponsor the James and Paula Coburn Foundation.

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'Bite The Bullet' Screening Info:


  • Tuesday, July 22, 2014
    7:00 PM


  • Aero Theatre
    1328 Montana Avenue
    Santa Monica, CA 90403

Please call (747) 201-5800 for information.

The synopsis: Join us next week for 'Bite The Bullet'
This film is director Richard Brooks' 1975 epic Western based loosely on an actual 1908 cross-country horse race sponsored by the Denver Post with a prize of $2,500 and a rugged terrain of desert, mountains and badlands to cross before participants see the finishing line. A very colorful cast of characters are in pursuit of the prize, including two former Rough Riders portrayed by James Coburn and Gene Hackman. The film touches on the themes of sportsmanship, animal cruelty, racism and the end of the classic West. It was also nominated for two Academy Awards including Best Sound Mixing and Best Music, Original Score.

Q&A immediately following with Actor, Sally Kirkland.


Audio Q&A: 'Get On Up'


Audio Q&A: 'Bite the Bullet'