Previewing 'Escape Fire: The Fight to Rescue American Healthcare'

"Escape Fire: The Fight to Rescue American Healthcare"
Q&A with renowned health expert Dr. David Kipper
September 11, 7 PM
Aero Theater
1328 Montana Avenue, Santa Monica

No matter what one's political inclinations may be, both sides can agree that the health of our nation is in a state of crisis. The newest investigative documentary out of Sundance from filmmakers Matthew Heineman and Susan Froemke dives deeply into this frayed and hotly contested world of American healthcare.

"Escape Fire" does not mince words: "we don't have a healthcare system in this country; we have a disease management system." We spend more money on healthcare than any other country, yet our health outcomes would hardly show it. The film not only chronicles the for-profit facets of the industry that place 'quick-fixes' before prevention and proceeds before patients - and the serious repercussions of such priorities - but is also an awe-inspiring journey into the way average Americans and medical professionals alike are working on new and innovative ways to transform healthcare for the better.

Renowned health expert Dr. David Kipper will join host Pete Hammond after the screening to talk about the issues raised in this provocative and compelling film, opening in select theaters on October 5th .

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In 2010, I had multiple strokes and emergency brain surgery at the age of 38. Before 2010, I had a vibrant creative career with full health benefits. The strokes have left me without my ability to write or read fluently and I am now a medicare recipient. As I have to rewrite my place in the world, learning about America’s health care system has now gone beyond just my philosophical believes. It is a real world issue that my husband and I have to navigate. I would very much like to enter my name into this contest to see the film and talk.