Preview: 'Le Week-End'

The Spring KCET Cinema Series is shaping up to be another exciting eight weeks at the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences in North Hollywood. On Tuesday, March 4 we'll be showing 'Le Week-End' starring the brilliant Jeff Goldblum.

'The Face of Love' Screening Info:


  • Tuesday, March 4, 2013
    7:00 PM


  • Actor Jeff Goldblum


  • Academy of Television Arts and Sciences in North Hollywood
    5220 Lankershim Blvd.,
    North Hollywood, CA 91601

Please call (747) 201-5800 for information.

The synopsis: Every so often, films will turn their attention to the romantic lives of older people, but often in an "isn't that charming" manner that borders on condescension.~ Bracing, and full of passion, the characters shed the cozy comfort of retiree romantic comedy for an altogether more charged love story.

Meg (Lindsay Duncan) and Nick (Jim Broadbent) have been together forever. For their thirtieth wedding anniversary, they've chosen to return to Paris, where they honeymooned. It's not long before the city of light begins reflecting the couple's conflicts right back at them.
Rejecting their first, depressingly beige, hotel for an impossibly expensive choice, Meg then begins rejecting her husband. "Can I touch you?" he asks, tentatively. "What for?" she snaps. Although they would never stoop to acting them out physically, this relationship has emotional contours the Marquis de Sade could embrace. When Meg and Nick run into their insufferably successful old friend, played with pure delight by Jeff Goldblum, their squabbles rise to a register that's both emotionally rich and very funny.

To purchase passes for the Spring Cinema Series, call 747.201.5800, download and mail in the registration form here, or purchase passes online here.


Previewing: 'The Face of Love'


Audio Q&A: 'The Face of Love' with Co-Writer Arie Posin