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Like_Crazy.jpgDo you remember your first love? Loving like crazy, the sorrow of parting and never wanting to let go? In Like Crazy, director Drake Doremus explores first love that tries to defy distance and time. Winner of the Grand Jury Prize: Dramatic Film at the 27th Sundance Film Festival, the film stars Anton Yelechin and Felicity Jones.

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Yelchin and Jones play Jacob and Anna, college students in Los Angeles who become a couple. Anna is a British exchange student who overstays her visa after it expires on graduation. She returns home to London, and when she flies back to Los Angeles she is turned away by customs officials, throwing the couple into a long-distance relationship.[2]


* Anton Yelchin as Jacob
* Felicity Jones as Anna
* Jennifer Lawrence as Sam
* Charlie Bewley as Simon
* Alex Kingston as Jackie
* Oliver Muirhead as Bernard
* Finola Hughes as Liz
* Chris Messina as Mike Appletree
* Ben York Jones as Ross
* Jamie Thomas King as Elliot

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The film opens in theaters on October 28th, 2011


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