Previewing 'The Queen of Versailles'

July 10th, 7 PM: "The Queen of Versailles"
Aero Theater
1328 Montana Avenue, Santa Monica
(Note: No screening on July 3rd)

Whether you're of the ilk to indulge in reality television's obsession with wealth (and its housewives) with giddy delight or shun the apparent takeover with rolled eyes and indignant disgust, Lauren Greenfield's Sundance award-winning documentary is a must-see for one and all. Dubbed "fascinating, infuriating, and poignant" by one reviewer, "The Queen of Versailles" is both a timely and accomplished feat, littered throughout with laugh-out-loud funny moments.

"I live in a fantasy world," Jackie Siegel admits as she willfully ignores both the personal and national financial crisis looming over head, threatening to destroy her very way of life. David and Jackie Siegel are one of the wealthiest families in the country. He's the billionaire "Time Share King" and she's the trophy wife and mother of eight. In the midst of building the largest home in the country - a 90,000 square foot home dubbed 'Versailles' - the economic crisis of 2008 hits, nearly decimating David's business, resulting in massive layoffs, and halting construction on 'Versailles'. Over the next two years, Greenfield follows the Siegel family and their multicultural household staff as they (reluctantly) attempt to navigate major life changes with both hilarious and tragic results.

Acclaimed filmmaker, photographer, and Sundance winning-director Lauren Greenfield joins us immediately after the screening for a Q&A with host Pete Hammond!

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