Previewing 'The Sessions'

"The Sessions"
Q&A with co-stars Moon Bloodgood and Annika Marks
October 16, 7 PM
Aero Theater
1328 Montana Avenue, Santa Monica

Inspired by the autobiographical writings of California-based journalist Mark O'Brien, "The Sessions" is the rave-reviewed story of a man in an iron lung who determines to lose his virginity at the age of 38 with the help of a compassionate sex surrogate and the reluctant approval of his priest.

Academy Award nominated actor John Hawkes plays the charming and optimistic Mark O'Brien, a man paralyzed from the neck down after a bout of childhood polio. Convinced that his time on earth is waning and resolved in his goal to experience a sexual awakening before it does, Mark, a highly religious man, first solicits the blessing of his unconventional priest (Academy Award nominated William H. Macy). With a green light from the man-upstairs, Mark hits the jackpot in finding beautiful and sympathetic sex surrogate Cheryl (Academy Award winner Helen Hunt). What follows is both a touching and hilarious display of human perseverance and compassion.

After the screening, up and coming co-stars Moon Bloodgood (Vera) and Annika Marks (Amanda) join Pete Hammond for a Q & A!

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John Hawkes and Moon Bloodgood in 'The Sessions'

John Hawkes and Annika Marks in 'The Sessions'


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