Previewing 'Waterhole #3'

It's a James Coburn Classic Movie Night!

The legendary, cool, and tough-guy James Coburn won an Oscar for a supporting role in what movie?

Answer below in the comment section for a chance to win a pair of tickets to the March 27th KCET Cinema Series screening of a Coburn classic "Waterhole #3." [Contest ends Monday, 3/26/12, at 5PM]. After the screening stick around for the Q&A with the film's star, Margaret Blye!

Here is the film info from Wikipedia:

"Waterhole #3" is a 1967 Western comedy film directed by William A. Graham. It is considered to be a comic remake of "The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly." The film stars James Coburn, Carroll O'Connor and Margaret Blye.


Movie Poster

A shipment of gold bullion is stolen by three men in Arizona and buried near Waterhole No. 3. One of them is killed by Lewton Cole, who discovers a map to the buried treasure scrawled on a $20 bill.
The other two thieves, Army Sgt. Henry Foggers and his accomplice Hilb, set out to find Cole and the gold. Cole, meanwhile, gets a headstart on the local law enforcement after the killing by locking up Sheriff John Copperud and his deputy in their own jail.
Cole rides to the sheriff's ranch, steals his horse and forces himself on Billie, the sheriff's daughter. Copperud returns to the ranch and infuriates Billie by being more upset over losing his horse than about Cole's treatment of her.
An honest man is hard to find in these parts, except for a U.S. Cavalry captain named Shipley. It all ends with a long, wild gunfight as Cole and the outlaws go for the gold.


James Coburn as Lewton Cole
Carroll O'Connor as Sheriff Copperud
Margaret Blye as Billie
Claude Akins as Foggers
James Whitmore as Shipley
Bruce Dern as the Deputy
Timothy Carey as Hilb

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KCET Spring Cinema Series takes place at the gorgeous theater of Academy of Television Arts & Sciences (5220 Lankershim Blvd, North Hollywood).


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