Previewing 'Your Sister's Sister'

Relationships, platonic, familial or otherwise, can be tricky beasts to navigate. In Lynn Shelton's "Your Sister's Sister," the humorous complexities of interpersonal relationships are on full display.

Jack (Mark Duplass) is still an emotional wreck a year after his brother Tom's death. After causing quite the scene at a family gathering, Mark's best friend and late brother's ex-girlfriend, Iris (Emily Blunt), sends him to the quiet refuge of her family's cabin on Puget Sound to recover. Once there, however, he experiences a tequila-fueled one night stand with Iris's fascinating sister, Hannah (Rosemarie DeWitt). When Iris shows up at the cabin unannounced, both hilarity and heartbreak inevitably ensue as the characters try to navigate through their feelings and predicaments.

A very special Q&A will follow the screening with Sundance award-wining director Lynn Shelton and actor Mark Duplass. You definitely won't want to miss this charming, indie gem!

Want to win a FREE pair of passes to the June 12th screening? Leave a comment below sharing your favorite sibling rivalry anecdote! Winner will be chosen at random! [Contest ends 6/11 at 5:00 PM]

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Your Sister's Sister


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As an only child, my sibling anecdotes are hard to come by. I have to say, however, my cousins' refusal to talk to each other at a family BBQ at my parents' house when we were all young children stands out. They accomplished this by forcing me to create invisible boundaries in the pool. I think the fight stemmed from one or the other eating the last pop-tart that morning.


My brother and I used to argue for HOURS over who set the table (especially for holidays). My family is pretty big and neither of us wanted to spend the 20 minutes that we could spend watching tv or playing outside putting utensils, plates, and cups on the table. Instead we YELLED, SCREAMED, and sometimes kicked each other for 20 minutes (or until our mom intervened and told us to do set the table TOGETHER NICELY...NOW!). Sometimes I think the only reason we fought about it is because it became our sibling ritual.