Digital Channels

I followed your hint as to finding the schedules for the digital channels - but the channel numbers are not given, only the names of the channels, such as "Desert Cities". I have no idea whether that means 28.2, 28.3 or 28.4 or perhaps some other channel number that I haven't yet discovered. Could you please put the actual channel number on the schedule, in addition to the name (if you also need the name on there). I like the web page very much, congratulations on a great job. Dick (an old geezer living way out in the boonies east of Temecula with a BEEEG rooftop antenna).

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Thanks for your comment! Unfortunately, we can't add the exact channel number directly to the listing just yet. Depending on where a viewer lives - and how they get their KCET: cable, satellite, or BEEEG rooftop antenna) - the channel numbers can vary wildly. That said, though, we can make the channel zip code tool more (now at the bottom of the schedule page - - more user friendly and more prominent. Currently it doesn't provide the digital multicast channel number, but I will check to see if that information can be added.