KCET & Time Warner

Apparently, KCET no longer transmits its signal to Time Warner on what used to be channel 6. Time Warner says that's KCET's decision, not there's. No great loss, since we now watch KOCE on Time Warner channel 8, but I do wonder why KCET chose to make it impossible for Time Warner users to even try to see their "new" programming.

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Similar problem here. I am in Los Angeles and can no longer receive KCET thru Time Warner Cable (thru channel 3), not without paying additionally for a cable box, in which case I would need two. At $10/box that's an extra $20/mo., doubling my cable bill (currently the "Broadcast" at 19.99/mo).
After 1/2hour with Time Warner on the phone they tell me that that (the above) is the only way.

I was always under the impression that any channel that broadcast over-the-air was, by law, to be included in the most basic of cable lineups, with no additional fees or equipment requirements. Am I mistaken in this assumption?
Anyway, Time Warner couldn't give me a straight reason one way or the other, so I am hoping KCET can shed some light on the issue.

Thank you, and best of luck to you, KCET. I am skeptical of the changes but am willing to give things a few more months, assuming I even get to watch KCET (see above issues). I already miss the BBC News, McLaughlin Group, SoCal Conn., and MI-5/spooks.

Sam Runn


Please confirm if the assertion is true that KCET has made their analogue signal unavailable to Time Warner, thus making customers require a cable box in order to receive it digitally. As faithful members of KCET, we should be made aware of the facts before spending extra monthly charges (nearly $8 a month every month). Perhaps, we should get to subtract this from our annual KCET membership leaving a negative balance.


Watching KCET on Time-Warner. As long as you have an HD TV which is cable ready, (mine is about 2 years old), you DO NOT require a cable box to watch KCET. While KCET is no longer available on Time Warner Channel 6, (this channel remains blank on my screen), I receive KCET on TW 101-14 without the requirement for any cable box. However one can no longer watch KCET on their older non HD TV, and my old Sony set can't receive any channels above 100.


Also found a second KCET program on Time Warner at channel 101-3, and this programming was totally different than that on 101-14. These channels are not through any cable box, but rather are those that my cable ready TV pick up.