New Site Feedback and Bug Reports

UPDATE 6/20/2011 - Comments on this discussion have been closed. If you have a site issue that you'd like to report, first check the About KCET and > Site News and Help discussion category to see if someone has already asked about it. If your issue has not been reported there, feel free to start your own discussion! - KCET Site Staff

Welcome to the new!

Over the last few months we've been collecting your feedback about the KCET website - what you like, what you don't like, features you wish we offered, and so on. Although we've incorporated an awful lot of your input in the design of our new site, we still need your help fine tuning things. Please feel free to use this discussion board to give us your impressions, direct us to issues and bugs, and generally tell us how we're doing!

Note - When reporting a specific bug or issue, it'd be great if you could give us the following information:

  • - the page in question's URL. Just copy and paste into your comment!
  • - your browser and operating system. This helps us recreate the issue.
  • - generally, what were you doing when you had the issue?

That's it. Many thanks for visiting - and for lending a hand!