Bp and the Gulf Oil Spill

COMMENT: To all those enraged with Bp and the Gulf oil spill...while I share your sentiments and your anger does resonate with me, I believe your frustration and rage is misplaced. Just bare with me for a moment. Bp is a corporation, and as such their sole purpose and motivation is for profit seeking and looking out for the interest of their shareholders...as such the Costner and Cameron plans, as well as all reasonable clean-up strategies, supertanker filtration especially, will not be taken because they are not cost effective. Their efforts to block these tactics, as well as their censorship of all temporary clean-up workers from talking to reporters and blocking the publishing of the numerous dead wildlife, are not the outcome of an evil motivation; rather the result of cost-benefit analysis. Corporations are not moral, and they shouldn't be. However, our elected officials are bound to the people, the only true source of secular morality. They have the responsibility of acting in the true interest of the electorate, especially when they conflict with the omnipotence of power institutions like corporations and industries. Our anger should be directed towards broken governance, where we have a largely uninformed citizenry and our political leaders are too beholden to corporate influence. As such, our regulatory bodies are riddled with intentional incompetence, misaligned priorities, and lacking of any real effect. Our current predicament is not the doing of the current administration exclusively, but is the eventuality of over 30 years of disproven Republican rhetoric of deregulation (aka self-regulation). This is merely the latest installment of corporatism controlling our supposed democracy at the expense of the American people: i.e. health care reform, financial regulation reform, and now energy policy. While I don't say relax or don't be mad...I say be enraged, infuriated, and more importantly be dogmatic. My only humble suggestion is direct that energy and fierce passion towards the true culprits....the government. Only changes to the institution of government and the manner in which it is ran, will the nation ever be responsive enough to the ever-growing problems we face in the present and future.