France on strike against pension plan changes, industry, traveling lag

France's pension strikes are significant news on the world stage of late. Media sources indicate that striking and riots have only increased in intensity as the Wed French senate vote on increasing the retirement age from 60 to 62 looms. Protestors have ground nationwide industry and traveling to a near halt. A transportation system in chaos has prevented some areas from receiving necessary water and oil. Article source - France strikes against pension reform cripple work, travel by Personal Money Store.

Strikes in France cause traveling to slow when oil refineries quit.

All 12 oil refineries in France have faced strikes, causing a great oil shortage, accounts the Examiner. Truck drivers in France aren't delivering gas. This means that French gas stations are angry about not getting the gas they need to supply. Numerous stations are out of gas as the prices went up 50 percent. There's a significant issue with the oil shortage in France besides this consumer effect. Air travel has been hurt as well. All domestic and European flights with Air France are being cancelled or postponed. Half of Paris Orly flights were close, accounts the Examiner. And then there's the Charles de Gaulle and Beauvais airports where 30 percent of flights were cancelled. Unpredictable schedules lie ahead for EasyJet. The company has advised that customers continuously look at the updated information. British Airways has suggested many rebook although the very same explanation was given. Ryanair has done the very same, and has also placed easy-to-understand refund info online at Other companies have made online resources available to explain how the France on strike could be affecting their flying routes. BMIBaby, Flybe, Air France and American Airlines have all done this. Discover your airline carrier if you are a tourist trying to find what is going on. The Skyscanner service ought to be able to help.

Rail traveling impacted by France strikes as well

France has problems with other things besides just airlines. Rail traveling with European carriers Eurostar, Thalys and Lyria also were affected by the strikes. The Examiner explains that Artesia and Talgo also suspended service throughout the France strikes. There is only a 20 to 40 percent capacity of rail travel with the French carriers TVG, CORAIL, TEOZ and TER. French National railway information is available. Just go to to get it.

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