Dear Inyo County: What's Important to You?

Hi! My name is Zach Behrens, and I work here at KCET in the New Media department. We're about to embark on an experiment, to which I'm excited to announce that Inyo County is going to be a part of.

As a regional television station with a signal that reaches into parts of the county, we strive to reflect that with our coverage online, whether that's been staying on top of the Hidden Hills solar project near Tecopa in our renewable energy blog ReWire, Artbound's partnership with the Metabolic

Studio on the AgH20 project, or SoCal Wanderer's coverage in Death Valley and Inyo National Forest.

But we're also a public television station and we see this as a two-way street. That's why I want you to take advantage of our Discussions space. It's an opportunity for you to start conversations amongst yourselves about issues, events, and opportunities. It's also a place where we, as a nonprofit media company, can pick up on what's important to you (LADWP? Digital 395? The new forest plan? Grazing? LORP?) and hopefully pursue as stories.

So I'll leave it with that and ask you to share below what Inyo County issues are important for you and need media attention and coverage.