Is caregiving making you sick?

Individuals caring for an ailing family member are at a high risk of becoming ill themselves.  Has caregiving made you physically or mentally sick?  Have you overlooked a symptom because you're so busy caring for your loved one? If not, what are are some self-care tips you can offer to other caregivers?

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I didn't’t think caregiving was making me sick until I thought about my back pain. I’ve been caring for my mom for a few months now, ever since she fell down and broke her broke her shoulder. She has trouble getting in and out of bed so I’ve been
helping her. Now my back hurts almost all the time.


I love my dad very much but over the last 5 years that he has been living with me and my family my stress level has gone up so much that I was scared I’d have an anxiety attack at the pharmacy when they did not have his prescription ready. One day I
told my neighbor and she told me I need to take a break, she even volunteered to stay with my dad. It wasn't easy to accept help, but I took her up on her offer and it’s a little better. I take walks or just go window shopping at the mall. Just a little bit of me time makes such a difference.