The importance of early diagnosis

The recent "Working Mother Research Institute's" survey of women caring for a loved one with Alzheimer's stresses the need for earlier diagnosis of the disease. When was your loved one diagnosed? Did it make a difference in their treatment and in the care they have/are receiving?

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My dad was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s two years ago when he was 69. He had already been having trouble with remembering things for a few years, but none of his doctors said anything about Alzheimers. I do feel like this was too late. The Alzheimers
has progressed quickly and now he is just angry all the time because we don’t let him go out by himself. I don't know if I am more sad about my dad or frustrated with a social lack of sincere concern from medical staff.I know there is no cure but maybe we could have done something to help him if we knew earlier.