Helping a loved one cope with depression.

Caregivers may be the first to see signs of depression in their loved one.  What are the signs to look out for and what can caregivers do to help?

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My mom hates that she can’t do things for herself. Sometimes its ok and she will ask for help but other times she wants to do it on her own and just gets angry when she can’t. Then she won’t talk to anyone for a while. Is this depression?


Just weeks after my mother died, at age 74 my father began to isolate himself, refused to go on walks or outings, i.e., to dinner or to music concerts as he used to often enjoy. He lost his appetite, and began losing weight. He spent too many hours in his lounge chair. Then he started falling asleep during my visits. 6 months after my mother died, I got a call from his residence he was found dead at the 6 am check; I knew he had died from depression. He had no health problem other than arthritis and vision loss, I believe he invited death to take him once he lost his best friend.