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As a leading educational producer KCET is committed to fostering learning and promoting educational excellence in both children and adults. For more than four decades, KCET has created award-winning educational content which provides the public with lifelong learning opportunities.

By partnering with national organizations and local community groups, KCET strives to strengthen the impact of our educational efforts. In the past few years alone, our educational outreach team has trained more than 40,000 teachers, parents and child care providers – going directly into local communities to help young people reach their fullest potential.

From educational workshops and community events to online resources, professional development and more, KCET strives to fulfill our mission to serve as your personal gateway to learning more about the world in all of its complexity and wonder.

Spotlight on Learning

KCET's New Children's Line-Up

Lesson Plans from When Worlds Collide

Lesson Plans from When Worlds Collide

Roadtrip Nation

Roadtrip Nation Roadtrip Nation is a television series and community engagement movement that empowers young people to explore and define their own roads in life. The series follows a group of young people seeking inspiration and advice from leaders throughout the country who have gone after their dreams and stayed true to themselves. Roadtrip Nation, in collaboration with KCET, is extending the reach of the series into the classroom, making available a FREE enrichment activity for middle and high school teachers and students. The Roadtrip Episode Guide explores the theme (e.g., fear, risk, confidence) of each episode in season seven and offers insightful questions to facilitate meaningful conversations between students, their teachers, parents or anyone close to him or her. It also serves as the springboard for active participation in Roadtrip Nation’s, Join the Conversation: on-line platform that allows participants to share their thoughts and insights with others and become an active member of the Roadtrip Nation Movement.Learn More

So Smart!

So Smart! logo A new award-winning series from So Smart!, Baby's First-Word Stories was created especially for young children who are beginning to speak their first words. In these adorable 5 minute stories, So Smart! friends Edward, Iggy, Larry and Dee Dee first introduce little ones to simple words, and then build sentences and stories around them. Themes include getting dressed, at the park, food, nighttime, animals and more! Additional information on the series, as well as activities related to each story, may be found at Learn More

For Parents & Caregivers

Discover how KCET is helping provide parents and child care providers with the tools and resources they need to raise smart, healthy and happy children.

  • A Place of Our Own
    A Place of Our Own

    Did you know that one in three children arrives in kindergarten unprepared for the challenges of school? Unfortunately, children who start behind too often stay behind. "A Place of Our Own" responds to this need by providing parents and child care providers with information to help young children develop social, emotional and cognitive skills. Learn More

  • Los Ninos en Su Casa
    Los Ninos en Su Casa

    ¿Sabía usted que uno de cada tres niños comienza el Kinder sin la preparación para enfrentar los retos de la escuela? Lamentablemente, los niños que se retrasan desde el comienzo, frecuentemente se quedan atrás. "Los Niños en su Casa" responde a esta necesidad proporcionando información para que tanto padres como proveedores de cuidado infantil puedan ayudar a sus niños a desarrollar habilidades sociales, emocionales y cognitivas. Learn More

In the Community

Learn how KCET is partnering with local organizations to provide more educational opportunities.

Family Day

Every year, KCET welcomes about 2,500 parents and kids onto the station lot for our Family Day. The free event provides an opportunity for families to learn more about the multitude of local community resources available to parents with young kids, including KCET's own early childhood educational programs. Learn More

Local Heroes

In our ongoing commitment to reflect the diversity of the communities we serve, KCET and Union Bank honor local heroes for their dedication and commitment to enrich the lives of others. Learn More


KCET's hyper-local web documentary and digital literacy program about the cultural history of Los Angeles' neighborhoods. Learn More

Educational Programs

Explore more of KCET's award-winning educational programs.

  • The Great War
  • Auschwitz: Inside the Nazi State
  • Behind Closed Doors
  • The Shape of Life
  • WIRED Science
  • How Art Made the World