If you're on this website, you probably already know about KCET's award-winning educational children's programs.  But did you know that many of our primetime programs also have curricula and lesson plans developed by and with teachers for use in the classroom?  Or that the companion websites to popular children's series also have additional materials, tips and activities that can be used at home to extend the learning?

The education department at KCET began in 2004.  Called KCEd, we were conceptualized at a KCET Board Retreat meeting, to produce multi-platform projects that would be entertaining and educational.  We have successfully produced several award-winning projects -- A Place of Our Own, Los Niños en Su Casa, Sid the Science Kid.  Yet we've learned that many viewers were unaware of the additional educational resources that come to you from KCET.   We hope through this forum, to share some of the facets of our KCEd projects and the extra work that goes into developing an educational project, to highlight resources for parents, teachers and the community, and of course to have an opportunity to hear directly from  you:   your concerns, wishes and feedback on our programs.  In addition, we will provide some sneak peeks at series and projects currently in development, and share some of the issues currently at the top of the educational community agenda.

Welcome to Education at KCET!
Noreen Huang
Director, Education & Children's Programming


Lesson Plans from When Worlds Collide