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The distinguished novelist T.C. Boyle visits Vroman's to read from and sign his latest novel, San Miguel. The new book tells the story of two families who come to California's Channel Islands to start over.

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Vroman's website:In 1888, Marantha Waters has come to San Miguel at the behest of her husband Will, a stubborn Civil War veteran who is determined to make a profit from the island's vast sheep ranch. Marantha is all but bed-ridden with consumption, only to be confronted with increasingly unanticipated hardships as her family tries to thrive in their isolation from modern society. In 1930, Elise Lester, a librarian from New York City, and her energetic WWI veteran husband, Herbie, take over the sheep ranch. As the years progress they, in opposition to the Waters family, gain a sense of purpose from tending the secluded land. However, as the Depression leads into the Second World War, the Lesters discover that San Miguel may not be quite the idyll they've made it out to be.
San Miguel is also a prequel to Boyle's previous book, When the Killing's Done.

Photo of the author by Jamieson Fry.