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This event marks the fourth installment in a series of international conversations about food and cities.

The event features four panel discussions with distinguished participants:

  • Zoning Diet: Hadley Arnold, Dr. Deborah Cohen, Paula Daniels, Rudy Espinoza, Nate Berg
  • Culinary Cartography: Jonathan Gold, Mary Lee, Benjamin Stokes, Teague Weybright
  • Edible Archaeology: Gustavo Arellano, Willy Blackmore, Judith Gerber, Matt Novak
  • Feast, Famine, and Other Scenarios: Christina Agapakis, Allison Carruth, Erik Cutter, Joseph Wickham
A companion walking tour will be held Dec. 8 in downtown L.A. For full event information, go to the Foodprint website.

Photo via Foodprint.