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Looking for a little food with your end-of-days planning? Beachwood BBQ and Brewing in downtown Long Beach has you covered. On Sunday, December 9th, they'll be hosting an offal-focused dinner and drink pairing event, with a focus on the surely upcoming zombiepocalypse. Not only with the five-course meal tackle the essential elements of zombie transformation (the cause, death, decomposition, reanimation, brains) while working through some lesser-consumed cuts of animal, but the companion beers from Eagle Rock Brewery, Monkish Brewing, TAPS, The Bruery and others are all to die for as well. And if all that weren't enough, there will be forensics experts, neuroscientists and at least one pharmacologist on hand to discuss what it means to become undead. As such, it's best to get your $80 tickets lined up now, considering this event isn't likely to rise again from the dead.