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Photo via MVGGS website.
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In celebration of Earth Day, the Mar Vista Community Council presents this walking tour of local gardens.

From the event website:

The tour showcases drought-resistant landscapes and edible gardens with sustainability features ranging from composting techniques to water capture practices. Urban farms range from aquaponic farming to gardens with chicken coops. The tour places special emphasis on the critical need for ocean friendly gardens and California native gardens that support much needed pollinators such as honey bees and monarch butterflies.
The showcase, now in its fifth year, drew an estimated 2,000 attendees in 2012. The event runs until 4 p.m.

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FYI, there are 100 gardens so don't even think about seeing them all. Instead, decide what interests you (chickens? vegetables? rainwater capture? landscape designer suggestions?) and check the website to find out which homes meet your needs. A really great way to discover new and exciting eateries of Mar Vista. (Curious Palate, Earls Gourmet Grub and more!)