Photo by Craig Schwartz
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Jennifer Haley's new play at the Douglas Theatre peers into a dystopian future that swirls around the internet.

Just what do you do while you spend all that time at the computer? The Nether -- running through April 14 -- explores the dark possibilities of a life lived solely through avatars and URLs.

From Charles McNulty's review in the LA Times:

"The Nether" is an impressive new work that should be seen by theatergoers eager to make the acquaintance of a Los Angeles-based playwright who is as boldly inventive as she is ethically conscious. And for all those hipsters in Venice, Culver City, Los Feliz and Highland Park who don't believe the theater has anything to say to them: Haley knows your user name.

Check the Center Theatre's website for showtimes, as performances occur twice on weekends.