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The Art Alliance of the Riverside Museum presents a monthly speaking series on topics as wide ranging as cooking shows, autism, the French Resistance and more.

April 8 Laureen Pittman talks about her experiences as a competitive chef in over twenty local and national cooking competitions.

April 15
Swiss-born author, filmmaker, photographer, and adventurer Karin Muller recalls her time documenting the world's highways and byways.

April 29
Monica Holloway, author of 'Driving With Dead People' describes her close-to-home experiences raising her autistic son.

May 6
Pomona College professor Monique Saigal presents her book 'Héroïnes Françaises, 1940-1945: Courage, Force et Ingéniosité' -- a collection of interviews with 18 women who served in the French Resistance.

There will be no speaker on Monday, April 22

For more information, visit the Art Alliance's website.